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Item # B425

Box Furnace 42" High X 48" Wide X 14’ Long

Box Furnace 42″ High X 48″ Wide X 14′ Long. Manufactured by Lindberg. Working dimensions of 42″ high x 48″ wide x 14′-0″ long. Electrically heated 480/3/60, 160 KW. Operating temperature of 2000F. Temperature Controls: Free standing enclosed panel with updated Honeywell controls, including circular chart recorder, SCR controls, back up contactors and step down transformers for the heating elements. Description & Features: Fiber lined. Heated by Nichrome ribbon heating elements on both side walls. Two zones of control. Air cylinder operated door. Includes motor driven load/unload system. 8000 pound capacity. Originally installed at Boeing.  Condition: Good. Vendor will repair the back wall, replace all broken element hanger modules and provide and install serviceable  heating elements.

Asking $85,000 USD.

Item # B424

Atmosphere Box Furnace

Atmosphere Box Furnace. Manufactured by Williams Industrial Services. Natural gas, 1.8 MBTU’s. Working dimensions of 80” wide x 96” high x 60” deep. Radiant Tube Box Furnace. S/N 18932. Maximum temperature of 1750F. Voltage 480/3/60. Controls; Mounted & wired in a free standing enclosure includes a Honeywell digital controller/recorder, Eurotherm high limit. Mounted in the same enclosure includes “Fireye” flame safety. All necessary pushbuttons, signal lights, relays, motor starters etc. are included. Standard front loading box furnace with vertical lift air operated door. A water cooled roof mounted fan circulates the heated air for good temperature uniformity. There are twelve (12) vertical radiant tubes in this furnace, six (6) on each side. Each burner has spark ignition and there is a flame safety system for flame curtain. There is a Endo flowmeter to control atmosphere. Furnace also has a water cooled breast plate & a stationary powered loader for charging the furnace. Excellent condition.

Asking $125,000 USD.

Item # B415

J.L. Becker Car Bottom

J.L. Becker Car Bottom. Working Dimensions are 96″ wide x 180″ Long x 66″High with a Maximum Temperature of 1,800 Deg. F. Natural Gas fired with 4.3 Million Btu’s. Serial Number: J 2060. Double Ended Car Bottom with Air Operated Doors to accommodate Dual – Full Length Motorized Cars. Each Car is 108″ wide x 200″ long with Castable Refractory Floor Insulation – Sand Sealed. The Furnace is Fiber/Refractory Lined with 8 Tempest Burners (4) per side wall, firing opposite and opposed. The Exhaust Flues are floor level mounted for excellent temperature uniformity. Temperature Controls : Free Standing Panel Honeywell Digital Controls and Honeywell Tru-line Circular Chart Recorder.

Asking Price: $95,000.00 USD.

Item # B414

Ipsen Batch IQ Installation

Ipsen Batch IQ Installation. This 5 year old installation consists of 2 Ipsen carburizing furnaces with working dimensions of 36″ X 48″ X 36″, both gas fired. Four (4) gas fired Ipsen tempers 36″ X 48″ X 36″ capable of 1400F, an Ipsen dunk/spray washer and 2 charge cars. Carburizing furnaces are a “flow through design” using endothermic atmosphere. Atmosphere control is through an oxygen probe/Siemens 3 gas IR system. The entire installation is designed for “lights out operation” meaning it is completely automated. Included is over $100,000 worth of spare parts along with 15 base trays and baskets. The equipment has just been removed and is in immaculate condition. New the system was $3.5 million USD,

Asking Price is $1.25 million USD. Vendor will consider selling individual items.

Item # B399

Car Bottom Furnace

Car Bottom Furnace. Manufactured by Huber this is a gas fired car type furnace. Maximum operating temperature of 2000F. Working dimensions of 10’ 4” wide X 12’ 8” long X 8’ high. Overall dimensions of 16’ wide X 16” long X 14’ high. Gas fired. Electricity requirements; 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz. Controls; Watlow digital controller, Honeywell digital overtemp and Honeywell digital recorder. Power driven car with (3) three sets of axles. Door is attached to furnace. Furnace is fibre lined and equipped with (4) four power flame model JD 130 package burners. Approximately 1,300,000 btu’s each.

Asking $85,000 USD.

Item # B398

Sauder Batch IQ Line

Sauder Batch IQ Line. Serial Number 881978-83. Electrically heated 480/3/60/150kW total load. Maximum operating temperature of 1850F. Working dimensions of 24” Wide X 24” high X 36” long. Controls; Mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the right hand side of the furnace includes a Marathon 10 Pro digital temperature controller, Marathon Carbpro digital carbon controller, Barber Colman analog high limit and a Honeywell digital strip chart recorder. Three power meters are face mounted to the same enclosure which monitor power in each zone of the furnace. A Halmar “SCR” power controller controls power to the heating elements. Two (2) Allen Bradley PLC controllers are mounted in the same enclosure. Standard In/Out Integral Quench Furnace w/Top Cool. This line consists of IQ furnace with top cool, heated quench tank, charge car, dunk & spray washer, temper furnace, SBS oil cooler, scissors table, atmosphere flow panel and several spare parts. Very good condition. Asking $125,000 USD for the complete line. Shipping Dimensions:
Temper Oven: 72″W x 11’H x 72″L
Washer: 80″W x 10’3″H x 120″L
Furnace: 109″W x 11’H x 96″L
Quench: 106″ x 10’H x 72″
Top Cool: Skid – 5′ x 5′ x 6’H
Charge Car: 78″W x 60″H x 86″L
Misc. skids, flow panel, SBS, spare parts

Asking $125,000 USD for the complete line.

Item # B397

"Lift-Off" Atmosphere Box Furnaces (2 available)

“Lift-Off” Atmosphere Box Furnaces (2 available). Manufactured by Drever. Effective working dimensions of 10’6″ Wide x 35′ Long x 6′ High. Gas fired-12,000,000 BTU/Hr. Max. Operating temperature of 1450F. Description; Ceramic Fiber Lined, Vertical Rising Atmosphere “Lift-Off” Furnace complete with (26) U-Shaped Radiant Tubes, North American Burner System, (4) Top-Mounted Alloy Circulating Fans, (4) Zones of Control, Stationary Hearth, “Knife-Edge” Atmosphere Seal, and Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders on each end of furnace.  Furnace is capable of 100,000 lb. loads. Instrumentation; Free-Standing Control Panel with Honeywell PLC Digital Temperature Controller, and Honeywell Flame Safety System. Very good condition. Overall dimensions of 15’11” Wide x 41′ Long x 13’6″ High. Approximate weight 70,000 pounds. Units each can hold up to 100,000# loads and were used prior for tempering/normalizing wire rod and bar stock.  Both of these have top mounted recirculating fans and are “atmosphere capable”, good for FNC work.

Asking $325,000 USD each.

Item # B388

Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace

Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace. Manufacturer:  CM Furnaces.Type:  Hydrogen Atmosphere Box. Work Zone Size:  12″ x 12″ x 12″ furnace work zone with 8″ x 8″ x 8″ inside retort work area. Max. Temperature:  2000ºF. Uniformity:  Full work zone, prob. +/- 50ºF. Lower 6″:  prob. +/- 20ºF. Atmosphere:  Wet or Dry Hydrogen or Nitrogen Purge. Controls:   PLC – Automatic with Proface touch screen.

Price:  $5,000 USD

Item # B374

Atmosphere Box Furnace

Atmosphere Box Furnace. Manufacturer: R&G Services, Inc. Inside Dimensions: 18″ high x 32″ wide x 36″ deep. Heated: Electric, 230/3/60, 60 KW. Temperature: 2100 deg. F Model Number: EB-183236 Serial Number: 77021 Temperature Controls: Updated indicating controller and overtemp. Description & Features: Air operated vertical rising door. Slanted face plate. Brick lined with silicon carbide hearth. Heated by heavy Nichrome ribbon heating elements. Atmosphere inlet and burn-off. Flame curtain with controls and safeties. Condition: Very good. Furnace will be cleaned & painted, repaired as necessary, checked out & test fired prior to shipment.

Asking Price: $18,000.00 USD.

Item # B352

Pacific Scientific Box Furnace

Pacific Scientific Box Furnace. Working dimensions of 72″ wide X 120″ long X 48″ high, Gas fired radiant tube, maximum operating temperature of 2050F. Air operated vertical lift door, fiber lines, new refractory piers (12), hi-temp horizontal radiant tubes (6 above, 6 below), full safeties, side exhaust guard. Free standing control panel-prewired panel with Honeywell Tru-Trend circular chart and Honeywell digital controllers and overtemp. Atmosphere capable. Comes with spare radiant tubes. Very good condition.

Asking $70,000 USD.