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Item # G198

3,000 CFH Endothermic Generator

3,000 CFH Endothermic Generator. Manufactured by Sunbeam, model # ENG-30, S/N F-377-79. Gas fired, operating temperature of 1900F. Temperature Controls: Upgraded controls. Honeywell digital indicating controller and overtemp. Single alloy retort. Selas compressor. Waukee flowmeters. Air cooled. Package burner. Complete combustion controls and safeties. Good condition.

Asking Price $22,500 USD

Item # G197

Ammonia Dissociator

Ammonia Dissociator. Manufactured by Lindberg. 1,000 CFH. Model Number: 16-1000-HYAM. Serial number 26004. Electrically heated, 460/3/60, 30 KW, 37.6 amps. Operating Temperature: 2000 deg.F. Temperature Controls: Honeywell indicating controller and overtemp. Standard Lindberg design with vertical sealed catalyst chamber. Ceramic fiber insulation. Nichrome heating elements. Air cooled heat exchanger. Includes pressure gauges, SSOV, Waukee DA flowmeter. Includes operating manual and drawings. Very good condition. Unit is complete and guaranteed operational.

Asking Price $11,500 USD

Item # G196

Surface Combustion 5000 CFH Endo Generator

Surface Combustion 5000 CFH Endo Generator. Serial number AC 42332-1A. Maximum temperature 1950F. Barber-Coleman controls with digital recorder and over temp. Air cooled. Shipping dimensions of 8’5” W X 10’1” high X 8’11” long. Very good condition. Included is a new pump.

Asking Price $31,500 USD

Item # G189

Surface Combustion 2400 CFH Endo Generator

Surface Combustion 2400 CFH Endo Generator. Two retort “multi-bottle” configuration allowing one retort to operate while the other is shut down for maintenance. New in 1995. S/N AC-43349-1. 2400 CFH capacity. Casemate controls, air cooling. Good condition. Comes with a complete set of spare alloy for both retorts.

Asking Price $59,000 USD

Item # G178

Ammonia Dissociators (4 available)

Ammonia Dissociators (4 available). Built by Sargeant & Wilbur, 4 electrically heated Ammonia Dissociators. Model GAD3000E. 3,000 CFH capacity. Maximum temperature 1759F. Voltage 480/3/60/60 kW. External dimensions of 5’W x 6’H x 8’L. Controls: Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes the following:
– Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator undertemp.
– Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator overtemp.
– Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator temperature control.
– Two(2)Yokogawa UT 350 digital controls for vaporizer lower/upper zone.
– Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for vaporizer overtemp.
– All necessary signal lights, timers etc.
Mounted in the same control cabinet are three (3) SCR’s. Two (2) “Halmar Robicon” and one (1). “Ametek”. One is for dissociator heating elements and the other two are for vaporizer lower/upper zone heaters.

Description: Electrically heated Ammonia Dissociator suitable for supplying up to 3000 CFH of atmosphere with a composition of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen. This atmosphere is obtained by cracking anhydrous ammonia vapor in a catalyst filled vessel maintained at a temperature of 1700°F to 1850°F. Incoming ammonia pressure is reduced before retort entry. At the outlet of the retort the hot dissociated ammonia passes through a dry cooler where the gas is cooled to near room temperature. It then passes through a flowmeter and on to the consuming device. This dissociator includes a Sargeant & Wilbur Ammonia vaporizer. This dissociator is provided with two (2)catalyst filled heat resisting alloy retorts. The retorts are mounted within the insulated dissociator heating chamber. The heating chamber consists of heavy Mullite T-Slot tiles. Retorts are heated with Sinuous-wound Nichrome Ribbon Heating elements which are mounted in the tile slots. The element tails and studs extend through the rear wall of the dissociator. Elements can be removed throught the rear wall without having to unpack furnace insulation etc. A step-down transformer (480V to 240V 112.5 KVA) is included. Manuals and drawings are also included. Very good condition.

Asking Price $29,500 USD each

Item # G176

Surface "Multi-Bottle" Endo Generators

Surface “Multi-Bottle” Endo Generators. Manufactured by Surface Combustion. Natural gas heated 675 CFH/HR. Model # RX 35-75-3V. Maximum temperature 1950F. 7500 CFH capacity.  Controls are complete, water cooled. SSi atmosphere controls and Atmosphere Engineering “Endo Injector”. Very good condition, ready to go.

Asking Price $75,000 USD

Item # G173

Lindberg Endo Generator

Lindberg Endo Generator. 4500 CFH, gas fired. Retorts and brickwork are in excellent condition however it requires temperature controls and an air cooler (vendor has partially completed changing from water cooling to air).

Asking Price $17,500 USD

Item # G169

Gasbarre/Sinterite Furnace Division Endo Generator

Gasbarre/Sinterite Furnace Division Endo Generator. 3000 CFH, electrically heated 460/3/60/63 Amps/50kW. New in 2006. External dimensions of 106″ wide x 75″ deep x 116″ high. Controls are enclosed in a panel attached to the side of the generator. Honeywell UDC 3200 digital temperature controller and Honeywell UDC 2500 digital high limit safety. Control switches with indicating lights are flush mounted in the enclosure. Flange mounted fused disconnect switch for control power. Separate non fused disconnect for the main power. Waukee flow meters are manifold mounted for incoming and outgoing gases. Flow meters include: Natural Gas 0-1000 CFH, Air 0- 2500 CFH, (3) Mixed Gas 0-1500 CFH and Endo 0- 3500 CFH. Step down transformer for reduced voltage to the heating elements. Electrically heated 3 retort generator. Refractory lined shell with vertically mounted retorts. Total of twelve (12) silicon carbide heating elements, 6 on each side are mounted through the chamber for good uniform heating of the alloy retorts. The natural gas and air pass through a Waukee “mixor” valve then into the Waukee gas pump. Mixed gas enters the 3 “mixed gas” flow meters, through the Selas fire checks and enters the top of the retorts. The gas travels through the catalyst filled heated retorts and exits at the bottom. The exiting Endothermic gas passes through water cooled chambers then finned cooled air heat exchangers then through the Endothermic flow meter. A pressure regulator is supplied on the exiting gas piping. Good condition.

Asking Price $29,500 USD