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In our unrelenting goal to see every single captive and commercial heat treater around the world we just visited the largest commercial heat treater in Peru, TRATAR Peru a company formed in partnership with CIPESA a large Peruvian company. Started just 10 years ago it has quickly captured 40% of the market and continues to grow. It has just under 20 employees, operates 7 days a week 24 hours a day and offers carburizing, tempering, stress relieving, nitriding and sub zero treatments. The centrepiece is a state of the art Plasma (Ion) Nitrider provided by ION Heat of Columbia-the only Ion Nitrider in the country and one of only a handful in all of South America. The company is growing so quickly that some major investments are planned for the very near future, investments which unfortunately we can’t mention today. The photo below shows the TRATAR team and some of the equipment. April 25, 2018     

From Left To Right; William Rivera, Elbis Mejia, Miguel Samaniego, Gord Montgomery, Monica Forsberg, Juan Maco, Edgar Tejada, Henri Huari, Cesar Gomez Sanchez

Used Equipment

Please take a look at our most recent used equipment offerings.  If you see anything you like don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or 905-271-0033.  April 25, 2018   

Item # T352 Wisconsin Oven
Item # B448 Tip Up Furnaces (3 Available)
Item # B447 Surface Combustion Batch IQ Furnace
Item # B446 Surface Combustion “Super 30” Batch IQ Furnace
Item # M416 Wheelabrator 6′ Diameter
Item # M415 Surface Combustion Parts Washer

Heat Treating Technologies Adding Batch IQ

Commercial heat treater Heat Treating Technologies of Lima, Ohio (owner Rick Diebel) is adding yet another Batch IQ furnace to the 8 the company already has as we can see below. With all due respect to everybody involved we believe that somewhere along the line this story got slightly distorted as we have yet to see a batch IQ line worth $3 million USD. April 25, 2018     

“Business is good for an Allen County industry as they’re investing millions into their company. Heat Treating Technologies on East 4th Street, getting a delivery that will meet the demand they have been facing. At a cost of 3-million dollars, a new draw furnace and quench tank is a big step for the company that started at this location back in 1993. They see the investment as a good move with the quality workforce that they have and the increasing demand for their services. “We provide heat treating services and what that means is that it’s a thermal process that we put the steel though that makes it harder and more durable in cars, automotive parts, agriculture, trucking,” explained Amberly Deibel, Heat Treating Technologies. Deibel says the expansion will bring with it at least 10 new jobs.”

Business Opportunities

Please take a look at our most recent employment offerings.  If you see anything you like don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or 905-271-0033.  April 25, 2018     

Item # O357 Quality Control Manager
Item # O356 Heat Treat Machinery Maintenance Leader
Item # O355Heat Treat Quality Engineer
Item # O354 Seeking Plant Metallurgist
Item # O353 Plant Manager Wanted
Item # O352 Senior Applications Engineer

Ipsen Ships 10 Furnaces In First Quarter

“Ipsen recently shipped ten furnaces to companies in California, Georgia, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin, and also to one location in Asia. This equipment will be used to process parts for companies in the Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating and Medical industries.

The shipments included:

  • Two TITAN® furnaces – one TITAN H2 12-bar with a 18” x 24” x 18” (457 mm x 610 mm x 457 mm) work zone and one vertical TITAN 2-bar furnace. Both are equipped with PdMetrics® software for predictive maintenance.
  • Two MetalMaster® furnaces – one vertical 6-bar with a 96” D x 96” H (2,438 mm x 2,438 mm) work zone and 10,000 pound (4,500 kg) load capacity, and one horizontal 10-bar with a 96” x 84” x 96” (2,438 mm x 2,134 mm x 2,438 mm) work zone.
  • One VFS® horizontal internal quench 10-bar vacuum heat-treating and brazing furnace.
  • Several custom-built atmosphere furnaces that will process parts for the Aerospace industry.

Many of these customers also took advantage of purchasing Ispen’s spare parts kits, installation, startup and training. Largely, these shipments signify Ipsen’s capacity to provide a variety of heat-treating solutions that meet our customer’s demands. Visit to learn more about the equipment options Ipsen offers, or contact your Ipsen representative to discuss your needs: April 25, 2018     

Scrap It Or List It?

Recently we had an article about what surplus used heat treating equipment should be scrapped and what can be sold; “Unsure about whether to scrap or try and sell a surplus furnace? We have this guide to tell you what to scrap and what to list (disclaimer time; these are general guidelines only and a lot will depend upon age, condition and time frame for having the equipment removed). So keeping that in mind we have this list of 10 different styles of furnaces starting with the least desirable and ascending to the most valuable and most desirable type of furnace We had a number of questions and comments about our list, with most questions having to do with various types of equipment which we did not mention. Below is a list of several other styles of equipment, again this list is from the least desirable to the most desirable. April 24, 2018   

Salt Pots. Years ago we predicted that for environmental reasons salt quenching would eventually disappear-this was a prediction which we have never lived down. Granted salt still makes some heat treaters nervous, however we see no sign of it disappearing any time soon. Having said that those small, old, well used salt pots you still see are in our opinion almost worthless. Cut them up!

Austemper Lines. As we just stated (above) salt processing is still alive and well and there continues to be a demand for mesh belt austemper lines. HOWEVER there is never many of these units sold in any given year so be prepared to sit on these lines for a while.

Pit Furnaces. Scrap the little, low temperature pits unless you are a very patient person, there is little demand for these. But the large diameter carburizing units always have potential buyers for heat treating of gears and the deep ones (6’ and over) always have a market amongst suppliers of shafts and rock drills. So keep the big ones, scrap the little ones.

Induction Systems/Power Supplies. The only rule of thumb for induction systems is don’t even consider listing an old motor generator-quick hang up the phone if somebody is offering you one. Other than that most induction systems have some value. We will caution though that some of the large custom designed systems are so specialized that it is almost impossible to find a buyer.

Batch Parts Washers. These are very mixed. A larger unit such as a 36” X 48” X 36” size, dunk/spray generally will find a home. The smaller older spray only units have very limited appeal. So list the large dunk/spray washers, give the small spray only units to your neighbour.

Aluminum Drop Bottom Ovens. As long as it is complete and in reasonably good condition an aluminum drop bottom oven always has a reasonable amount of value-list it.

Furnace Charge Cars. As long as it runs a furnace charge car always has some value. A standard charge car for a Surface Combustion or AFC-Holcroft Batch IQ furnace will always find a home. And since they are relatively small they are easy to store which is another plus. List it!

Box Temper Furnace. The old saying is that you can never have enough tempers-we agree. Never scrap a temper-there is always some value. List it!

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Organizational Announcement

“WATERLOO, IA — We are very pleased to announce the promotion Chase Gibbs and Steve Pasker to Production Supervisor roles for the Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) Burton Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa facility. Chase Gibbs has been with the company since 2007 and has held positions as a General Laborer, Heat Treat Technician, Senior Heat Treat Technician, and Lead. Chase has been an integral part of Burton’s success, always eager to learn, teach others, and assist in every area of our heat treat business.

Steve Pasker joined AHT as a part time employee in 2005.  He also worked his way up through the ranks as a full time General Laborer, Equipment Operator, Heat Treat Technician, Senior Heat Treat Technician and Lead.  Steve has a proven history of scheduling success and furnace knowledge that is unparalleled. Chase and Steve will be working closely together to bring floor-level leadership, operational improvements and outstanding customer service.  “We look forward to Chase and Steve’s leadership in their new roles and are confident they will continue to drive our business while delivering UltraGlowing results to our customers!” stated Mikel Woods, President.” April 24, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

For this week we will start off in Denver, Colorado, USA. Metal Treating & Research Company, Denver, CO. August of last year we had the news item below about a fire at commercial heat treater Metal Treating & Research in Denver, Colorado. Our understanding is that the company will not be rebuilding, rather the building will be put into decent repair and sold off for another purpose. The photo below shows the plant as it looked a number of years ago. August 8/2017 Metal Treating & Research Company Fire; Commercial heat treater Metal Treating & Research Company in Denver, Colorado suffered a very serious fire recently, the details such as they are, are below. Metal Treating & Research is one of the few commercial heat treaters and certainly the largest in Colorado, a beautiful state but not known for manufacturing. “ADAMS COUNTY – A metal treatment facility was evacuated Wednesday afternoon as crews from multiple agencies worked to put out a fire. Adams County Fire tweeted about the blaze at around 1:30 p.m. As of 3:30 p.m., firefighters said the blaze was mostly out, but crews are still working on hot spots.  One firefighter is being evaluated for minor injuries. Smoke was seen billowing from the building, and at least one wall suffered heavy damage.” We now move to Pennsylvania for this item;Brad Foote Gearing in Pittsburgh, PA has a new plant manager by the name of David  Konitsney. If you recall the company parted ways with the previous manager, Rich Baker and David will be taking over. Brad Foote Gearing makes large gears and maintains a very large captive heat treating department consisting of a number of pit carburizing furnaces.” April 23, 2018   

Brad Foote

Metal Treating and Research

We now move to a story about a Swiss furnace manufacturer, Codere and an Israeli commercial heat treater Chromat;Codere would like to update readers on a successful pre-reception from the leading commercial heat treater in Israel which was done last week at our facility. Chromat has a universal portfolio of heat treatment applications for vacuum, protective atmosphere, plasma nitriding & gas nitirding for a number of industries in their local market. This line in the photo below is our System 250 modular batch line for heat treating 500 kg brutto load capacity for automotive parts with austempering application for bars measuring up to 200 mm for a number of leading automobile suppliers. Codere undertook tests to compare against their existing heat treatment line and obtained significantly reduced deformation almost eliminating the previous re-straightening process for these parts. Codere has seen an increasing demand in salt quench processes to obtain martensitic or bainitic structures without temperature losses and without contact with air during our patented transfer in clean working conditions (No interlocking of the load).  One industry this has been more present is for contract heat treaters who want more flexibility with varied multi product series, which must be versatile. In the first photo (left to right) David Howard Codere Sales department,  Yizhak Abromad & Alex Sandler from Chromat Israel and Alain Humair Codere Project Manager. Also it was not all work without some sightseeing on a sunny day in Lucerne. Further information on for these companies can be found on or” 

From commercial heat treater (and salt specialists) Applied Process in the US we have this note about their new Quality Manager; “We are pleased to announce that James (Jim) Wasiloff has joined the Applied Process team as Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager, effective March 19, 2018. Jim has both a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Oakland University) and an M.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (University of Michigan).  He is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  In addition, Jim is a Staff Officer for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Department of Homeland Security. Jim’s list of accomplishments is lengthy.  He has successfully applied lean and six sigma concepts in both the Detroit automotive industry as well as for the US Army Tank Automotive Command.” We recently had a brief story about Listemann Technology in Liechtenstein who recently upgraded their vacuum shop into a real top notch facility. A reader pointed out that all the furnaces were built by TAV of Italy. TAV only makes vacuum furnaces (and good ones we will add) but it is very unusual to run across them outside of Europe.

Commercial Heat Treater Metex Heat Treating in Mississauga, Canada will shortly be adding another AFC-Holcroft batch IQ furnace with working dimensions of 36” X 48” X 36”. Metex is one of the most successful commercial heat treaters in North America when it comes to fasteners although the company also has a large batch IQ and Induction department. Feel free to check out our interview with the owner and founder, Mr. Surjit Bawa And to round things out we have this note from commercial heat treater Applied Thermal Technologies in Indiana  Applied Thermal Technologies of Warsaw, Indiana is pleased to announce the completion of its Newest 12′ Furnace. The new furnace has a maximum temperature of 1450⁰F, work zone dimensions are 36” wide, 36” high, and 144” long. It is rated for 10,000 pounds and for bars of up to 12 feet long.”

C.I. Hayes Installs Modular Vacuum Furnace

“C.I. Hayes, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, announces the recent installation of a Model VPQ-D vacuum furnace in Vietnam. The furnace has a heating module with graphite internals rated to 3000F and is coupled with a gas pressure quench module rated to 10 BAR pressure. It is designed with a pair of internal steel doors that seal against corresponding machined flanges so that no complex clamping mechanisms are required. The furnace will be used for various thermal processes including brazing, annealing, hardening and sintering.

Located in Cranston, RI, C.I. Hayes designs, manufactures and services industrial vacuum and atmosphere heat treating equipment and has been delivering custom solutions to the heat treating industry for more than 100 years. For more information on how C.I. Hayes can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, please visit our website at” April 23, 2018   

Smith Bits Auction, Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA

In 2016 Houston-based Oilfield services company Schlumberger reported it would close its drill bit plant in Ponca City, OK and the production moved to Houston. The closure did indeed happen and the remaining equipment including all the heat treat furnaces were auctioned off Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The heat treat department consisted of 3 Surface batch IQ furnaces (sealed quench furnaces for our readers outside of North America), a couple of Holcroft batch IQ’s, endo generators and all the other equipment which goes with a large heat treat department. Now this is where the story gets interesting. Our understanding is that a buyer from a Houston based supplier of high pressure components for gate valves bought all of the heat treating equipment and paid absolute top dollar for it, including all the baskets and base trays. Again our understanding is that none of this equipment is destined for Texas but rather Viet Nam, Lam Dong Province, about four hours northeast of Ho Chi Minh City to be exact. Its not often that we see used furnaces being shipped half way around the world but we do run across this from time to time. April 20, 2018   

Dr Steve Offley joins Phoenix Temperature Measurement as Product Marketing Manager

“We are pleased to announce that Dr Steve Offley has recently joined Phoenix Temperature Measurement as Product Marketing Manager. Steve, known to many as ‘Dr O’, comes to Phoenix with over 21 years of experience in the Industrial Process Temperature monitoring market. Over this period Steve has played a key role in developing temperature process monitoring solutions for an existing well-known market brand.  With this move he hopes to apply his industrial and technical and marketing skill set, to help strengthen the dynamic   PhoenixTM brand, grow established markets and find new market opportunities. Steve holds a BSc Hons Degree from Coventry Polytechnic UK in Applied Chemistry and PhD from Loughborough University UK in Trace Metal Analysis Techniques used in Analytical Chemistry.

As Product Marketing Manager, Steve will play a key role in promoting and marketing the       PhoenixTM range of temperature monitoring solutions used in Industrial Heat Treatment & Furnace Survey, Paint Thermal Cure, Food Thermal Processing and Ceramic Firing Markets. Steve will further help manage the new product roadmap working to develop further new, innovative, value for money processes temperature monitoring solutions and strengthen the PhoenixTM product catalogue. Please join us in welcoming Steve to the PhoenixTM team and what will be an exciting and challenging new role.” For additional information, please contact Steve Offley at +44 (0) 1353 223100 +44 (0) 7890 197636,  April 20, 2018   

High Temp Furnace Ltd., Sanand, India

India’s largest commercial heat treater (and furnace manufacturer) High Temp Furnaces of Bangalore, India is expanding yet again with two brand new facilities, one in Sanand, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India and the second in Bidadi, near their headquarters in Bangalore. The company is far and away the largest in the country with multiple locations and an estimated 40% of the total Indian market. The facility in Sanand, which we are looking at today is a “greenfield” site which has been under construction for some time. The furnaces were recently installed and tested, full production will be taking place over the next number of months. Hightemp typically operates sealed quench furnaces with some pushers and press quenching capabilities and is very strong in the automotive heat treating market. April 19, 2018   


“Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, announces that it has signed a 15-year contract with Rolls-Royce’s Civil Aerospace business. The contract is expected to be worth over £160 million in incremental revenues over the 15-year period.

Sales will ramp up over the next five years. Bodycote will provide thermal processing services which include specialised vacuum heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing (HIP), supporting Rolls-Royce’s turbine blade casting facilities in Derby and Rotherham, U.K. The agreement ensures the provision of specialist thermal processing capacity utilising Bodycote’s high performance, quality-focused approach to support the growth of Rolls-Royce’s large civil engine programmes; these include the Trent XWB, Trent 1000, Trent 7000, Trent 700 and Trent 900. Bodycote’s core business is to provide services that protect and improve the properties of metals and alloys, extending their operational life and making them safer. The company plays a vital role in the aerospace supply chain. About Bodycote With more than 180 accredited facilities in 23 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of heat treating and specialist thermal processing services.

Through classical heat treatment and specialist technologies including Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their products to Bodycote’s care for more than 30 years. For more information, visit” April 19, 2018   

Voestalpine Thermo-Tech Mississauga Canada – meet the new team

Commercial heat treater and coating experts voestalpine Thermo-Tech (formerly Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech) has a new management team in place at their facility in Mississauga, Canada. But first some background: voestalpine operates heat treating and coatings facilities around the world to compliment their steel business. We have visited several of their locations and without fail we have been impressed by the state of the art equipment and this certainly includes their location in Mississauga. This plant features a number of Ipsen and Seco/Warwick vacuum hardening furnaces up to 15 bar, controlled nitriding and a large PVD coating center about which the company has this to say; “Adjacent to Thermo-Tech, voestalpine commissioned  a world class PVD coating center to service the needs of Ontario’s auto parts manufacturers.  It has quickly grown to become the  primary coating supplier to local stamping/forming companies as well as regional die cast facilities.  The duplex coatings, Variantic and Tigral; inhibit abrasive, adhesive and chemical wear of tooling surfaces.”

Now lets look at the management team which proves yet again what a small industry this is. The Operations Manager is Carlos Sartori a MSc. Metallurgical Engineer from Brazil who like many in the industry spent a number of years with commercial heat treater Bodycote, in his case at the plants of Bodycote Brasimet in Sao Paulo and Campinas city. He left Bodycote in 2011 to join voestalpine group in Brazil (Acos Bohler Uddeholm) where he worked for six years as a technical sales manager before being invited to join voestalpine in Canada.

The Quality Manager is Ali Alem. Ali has got his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal where he was also a faculty lecturer. He has a background in metals, ceramics and composites. Ali has worked as a metallurgist in casting and rolling industries before joining voestalpine Thermo-Tech in 2015 where he runs the metallurgical lab and the Quality Department.Rounding out the team we have Jerry Barvinek, General Manager overseeing the heat treatment and coatings business units.  Jerry has been providing value solutions to auto parts manufacturers for over 30 years. We have no doubt but that the plant will continue to thrive under the new team. April 18, 2018   

Ali Alem

Gord Montgomery, Carlos Sartori, Jerry Barvinek

Jerry Barvinek, Carlos Sartori

Ipsen Sells Custom Atmosphere Furnace to U.S. Customer

One of the largest companies in the Aerospace & Defense industry recently purchased a rotary hearth furnace to heat treat state-of-the-art equipment they have developed. More specifically, this custom furnace will be used to process specialized gears for helicopters. Ipsen plans to deliver the rotary hearth furnace early next year. Rotary hearth furnaces are extremely versatile and designed for both carburizing shallow case depths and for reheating pretreated work pieces. Its high throughput makes it particularly suitable for even temperature distribution, and robotic loading with automated press quenching systems. Learn more at

About Ipsen ; Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum and atmosphere heat-treating systems, supervisory controls systems and predictive maintenance software platforms for a wide variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and Medical. With production locations in America, Europe and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing 360° support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success.” April 18, 2018   

Dana Glasgow, Kentucky Auction

As mentioned previously the Dana facility in Glasgow, Kentucky closed at the end of 2017. Several times over the years we have mentioned this plant, both because it had a large in house heat treating department and also because at one time it had one of the largest vacuum carburizing systems in North America, a multi cell ALD system (the line was actually bought by ALD Thermal Treatment in Port Huron, Michigan a number of years back and is still in operation there). The remaining equipment at the plant is being auctioned off over the next couple of months and this includes a Surface 3 row pusher furnace. Not a great deal of demand for pushers these days, especially multi-row systems but you never know. April 17, 2018   

Solar Atmospheres Press Release

“Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently installed a second machining center to support its newest service for customers – tensile testing. By adding a brand new fully programmable 8100 RPM Haas VF2 milling center, Solar is now able to support the machining of flat tensile specimens. This machining ability fully complements the function of the 10,000 PSI hydraulic jaw that is an integral component of the Tinius Olsen 300SL tensile machine. These massive hydraulic jaws can grip either threaded round or flat specimens.

Feedback from a recent customer satisfaction survey revealed how important this new mechanical testing service is to Solar’s customer base.  Service Steel Aerospace states, “The ‘in-house’ tensile testing has improved our delivery performance and we couldn’t be happier.”  If mechanical testing is part of your heat treating or brazing scope of work, be assured Solar Atmospheres of Western PA can support this need within hours after thermal processing is complete. Solar is Nadcap and Boeing approved for all room temperature tensile testing.

Please contact Mike Johnson at 724-982-0660 x2223 or  He will be glad to discuss your requirements with you.  For additional information about Solar Atmospheres, visit us at” April 17, 2018   

Patrick McKenna Interview (April 15, 2018)

We are very pleased to offer this interview with Mr. Patrick McKenna, President and CEO of Ipsen USA. Pat is sharing some thoughts with us about Ipsen North America and we will be following this interview up with one from Mr. Geoffrey Somary who will offer us some ideas about Ipsen globally. April 16, 2018   

Pat, I have lots of questions for you about Ipsen, where the company has come from and where it is going however before we go there could you share your background with us? How you got into the business and how you ended up as President of Ipsen USA?

Thank you for the opportunity, Gord. I started in the industry in the early 90s, as an Engineering Intern at A. Finkl & Sons in Chicago. They are a specialty steel producer and now part of the Schmolz + Bickenbach Group. With in-house melting, forging, heat treating, and machining, it was a great place to learn. The plant operated 24/7 and I remember feeling honored when I was given keys to the office. With a starting wage of $10/hour and unlimited overtime, I was eager to put in as many hours as possible learning my trade.

After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I continued for a time as Project Engineer at Finkl, but ultimately decided to move on. My next stop was Ipsen. I was hired into the Engineering department, but eventually transitioned into Product Management and Sales. Later, I moved to the West Coast where, together with Rich Penrose, we started Nevada Heat Treating and California Brazing. Rich and I were business partners until January 2015, when I decided to return to Ipsen in the role of Vice President – Sales. The 15 years spent operating a commercial heat treating and brazing facility have proved invaluable during my three years back at Ipsen.

In August 2017 the previous President and CEO of Ipsen USA, Geoffrey Somary, was promoted to COO of Ipsen Group. I was given the opportunity to become President at that time.

Everybody in the heat-treating industry knows Ipsen but few know the background of the company-could you share that with us?

Harold Ipsen, a Mechanical Engineer from Brown University, started Ipsen in Rockford, Illinois in 1948. His first ‘heat treat project’ was repairing a kiln for his wife, a pottery hobbyist. Harold later began designing and building furnaces for the steel industry, eventually leading to some of the first batch integral quench furnaces. Sadly, Harold perished in a plane crash in the 1960s (he was at the controls) along with other senior members of his Executive Team. Shortly after, the Ipsen family decided to sell the company.

If it is OK with you I would like to focus my questions today on the North American market and interview Geoffrey Somary about Ipsen globally at a future date. How big is Ipsen North America both in terms of physical size, number of employees and total sales?

 Ipsen USA is comprised of (3) manufacturing facilities:

  1. Cherry Valley, IL
  2. Souderton, PA
  3. Pecatonica, IL (Ipsen Ceramics)

There are 250 direct employees between these three facilities, generating approximately $100 million in annual sales.  Almost half of those sales are in aftermarket, which includes parts, upgrades, pyrometry & calibration, maintenance, and other types of services.

Continue Reading

Claudio Brum, Combustol & Metalpó Group

It is with regret that we mention the passing of Claudio Brum of furnace builder and heat treater Combustol & Metalpó Group in Brazil. Claudio had spent his entire working life in the heat treating industry in Brazil-as far as we know the whole time at Combustol. Our paths had crossed a few times over the years and we had always found him to be a very pleasant, easy to get along with fellow who we’re sure did not have an enemy in the world. Combustol & Metalpó Group is a commercial heat treater, furnace builder and partner of SECO/WARWICK of Poland. In the photo below taken in 2011 at Combustol Claudio is second from the left. He will be missed. April 16, 2018   

Jenna Alder, AFC-Holcroft

We at The Monty, as well as many of our readers, have recently been introduced to Jenna Alder, who has joined furnace builder AFC-Holcroft as Aftermarket Sales Representative.  While she is new to the heat treat industry, Jenna comes to AFC-Holcroft with nearly 20-years’ experience in OEM Marketing and Sales.  From replacement spare parts to custom fabrication, Jenna assists with parts and service inquiries.  And thanks to knowledgeable customers, helpful co-workers, and resources like “The Monty”, Jenna is quickly learning the heat treat business.  Here’s what she had to say: April 16, 2018   

I am honored to be a part of the world renowned AFC-Holcroft team and proud to represent the 100-year old brand.  I understand how important it is to keep your furnace up and running.  This is why my passion and dedication to providing first-class customer service ensures customers are taken care of promptly and thoroughly.” Jenna can be reached at (248) 668-4056,, and is active on LinkedIn.”

Vacuum Heat Treating

Later on this week we will giving you an update about this very impressive North American heat treater. By the way have a look at the very large vacuum furnace in the background, left side-the nickname for this is “The Monster”. April 16, 2018   

Wind Energy-Another One Bites The Dust

Wind Energy-Another One Bites The Dust

Around about 2010 suppliers of components for the wind turbine industry in North America were poised for the good times. Companies such as ZF, GE, Gleason, Dokka Fasteners, Vancouver Gear and a host of others were investing heavily in their manufacturing facilities in the never doubted belief that the good times were at hand. There was no doubt but that wind energy was the way of the future and this would of course lead to furnace builders being deluged with orders for furnaces to heat treat wind turbine components such as gears, bearings and fasteners. And of course these were not just any furnaces but top end units designed for deep case carburizing with state of the art controls. Dokka Fasteners built a large plant in Michigan just for heat treating bolts for windmills, ZF invested heavily in a plant in Georgia to make gears for windmills, Aichelin installed a really top notch pit furnace installation in the US Midwest just for gears, Gleason Works in NY was on the verge of a substantial investment in batch IQ furnaces for windmill parts, Vancouver Gear bet heavily on wind energy  and a host of other companies also invested, all in the certainty that the good times were close at hand. Except of course the good times never happened. The Dokka facility in Michigan was closed with the furnaces now on the used equipment market (they are actually listed on our batch page ) , most of the furnaces at ZF ended up in Viet Nam where they are currently being installed, the Aichelin pit furnaces are now at Doskan Heat Treat in Turkey, Gleason never did invest in new furnaces and Vancouver Gear went bankrupt taking their heat treating division Vancouver Heat Treat with them.  Which brings us to the latest casualty another gear manufacturer in the US Midwest who has also closed their plant recently and dumped the really nice heat treat equipment on the used market. While we can’t share the name with you yet this photo shows a portion of the department and specifically the base trays for the furnaces. More to come.  April 13, 2018   

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry Press Release.

To this press release we will add that you can find out more about ATP by clicking on their banner ad which can be found on this page. April 13, 2018   

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry of Bethlehem, PA is proud to announce the completion of another successful ISO/IEC 17025:2005 audit by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB).  ATP provides accredited laboratory calibrations and field services for Temperature Process Instrumentation, Temperature Uniformity Surveys and System Accuracy testing. In addition to these accredited services, ATP provides other process instrumentation calibrations, Nadcap and Heat Treating consulting and training.

 The ATP Calibration Lab, located in Bedford, OH specializes in the AMS 2750 calibration of Secondary Standard and Field Test Instruments and can calibrate many brands of instruments such as Altek, Ectron, Eurotherm, Extech, Fluke, Honeywell, Martel and PieCal. Repair service is available some brands as well. The lab provides a quick turn-around time of 5 days or less with competitive pricing. All calibrations and services provided by ATP are performed by trained and quality-orientated professionals to assure your compliance to today’s stringent Nadcap and other aerospace industries requirements. Our customers profit from our knowledge because Quality is our standard!  To learn more about Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry, visit our website at or you can contact us directly.

For ATP field calibration services, Nadcap and Heat Treating consultation and training, contact Andrew Bassett, President, at or call (844) 828-7225 ext 1.

For Secondary Standard and Field Test Instrument calibrations, contact Dale T. Praznik, Director of Quality / Calibration Lab Manager, at or call (844) 828-7225 ext 3.”

Derrick Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Amongst commercial heat treaters in North America family owned Derrick Company is pretty unique in that they can handle parts far larger than almost any other commercial heat treater in North America-parts up to 100′ long and 100,000 pounds. As a matter of fact the only other company that comes to mind which is able to handle parts this size is Aberfoyle Metal Treating in Canada. However we mention them today for a completely different reason which is that the company recently expanded into aluminum processing in a brand new 10,000 square foot building. The new building has a horizontal solution oven and an aging oven both of which we believe were built by Wisconsin Oven. This means they can now offer Solution-Treatment, Aging, Stress Relief, Annealing & Other Heat Treatments on Aluminum Alloys. April 12, 2018   

Furnace Explosion

Last week we had a news item about a furnace explosion which happened in the US Northeast. When a tragedy such as this occurs and “The Monty” reports on it we are always asked for a follow up as to the cause. These requests are generally not out of morbid curiosity but more to learn about what went wrong and how it can be prevented in the future. Over the years we have attempted to follow up on a number of fatal accidents such as the fatal vacuum furnace explosion in Brazil a few years back, the terrible salt accident at a Schaeffler plant in Germany last year or the furnace explosion in Michigan last year that killed one person. While we do try to find out the cause in most cases a shroud of silence seems to descend and at least publicly the cause never sees the light of day. It’s a shame as this can be a dangerous industry and there are valuable lessons to be learned from each accident, but human nature being what it is perhaps everybody’s first instinct is to say nothing. As far as the accident last week goes the most recent news report we have we have found really adds no details to what was first reported but for what it is worth it is included below. April 11, 2018   

“An explosion at AVS Inc. in Ayer, MA on March 23 injured two workers, one of whom later died. The explosion and its aftermath have shaken the small town about 40 miles northwest of Boston. AVS, or Advanced Vacuum Systems, makes custom vacuum and pressure furnaces. Three workers were inside the building, located on Fitchburg Road in Ayer, when the blast occurred at around 5:20 in the afternoon. Flaming debris set the building ablaze. One of the men suffered burns to 25 percent of his body and was airlifted to an area hospital where he died. Two firefighters were also injured as they battled the fire that tore holes through the roof the building. Investigators from seven states, local and federal agencies including the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, the state Fire Marshal’s office, and a team from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating the explosion. They suspect a pressure vessel malfunction was the source of the explosion.”

Is This Real Heat Treating?

Typically large gears and long shafts are heat treated in either a Batch IQ furnace or a Pit furnace. Both have advantages and disadvantages which we are not getting into today except to say that pit furnaces are far more common in Europe than they are in North America. What we will say it that quenching large loads out of a pit furnace is heat treating for real men as you can see in this video from Germany. April 10, 2018   

IHEA Fall Seminars to be Held in Conjunction with Furnaces North America

“This fall the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) will offer three concurrent technical seminars in conjunction with the Metal Treating Institute’s (MTI) Furnaces North America (FNA) in Indianapolis, IN from October 8 – 10, 2018.  This will be the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to expand their technical knowledge as well as spend time on the FNA exhibit floor. IHEA will conduct its Combustion Seminar, Safety Standards and Codes Seminar and Induction Seminar throughout the weekThe Combustion Seminar and the Safety Standards & Codes Seminar will be held all day Monday, October 8th and on the mornings of Tuesday, October 9th and Wednesday, October 10th at the Indiana Convention Center.  The Induction Seminar will be held on Tuesday morning, October 9th.  This schedule provides attendees the benefit of classroom education and allows ample time to visit with FNA exhibitors, including IHEA members and companies represented by IHEA seminar speakers.” April 10, 2018  

Salahardarna AB, Sweden

One of our favorite things about the worldwide heat treating industry is that while it is large in terms of sales it is small in that it is quite a close knit community. For instance some time ago we ran across a fellow by the name of Tommy Johansson who is part of a family owned commercial heat treat by the name of Salahardarna AB located near Stockholm, Sweden. A few e-mails later and it turns out we have a number of business acquaintances in common. Tommy sent us these photos of his plant and tells us that they are in the process of installing a Nitrocarburizing furnace. Interesting that the company has a completely automated ”lights out” sealed quench department. April 10, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

We start off in the US Northwest where we have this announcement from the largest commercial heat treater in the area. Stack Metallurgical Group is the new name for the Corporation that commenced heat treating services in the Pacific Northwest in 1946 under the name of Commercial Heat Treaters. This Seattle based company founded by Otto Sandell and George Murphy is proud to make the following two announcements. First and MOST importantly is the introduction of the Group’s CEO Doug Puerta, who many of you will already know. Doug was born in Allentown, PA. In 2008 he moved to Portland, OR. He earned his BA degree in Chemistry (Franklin and Marshall College), his MS degree in Materials Engineering (Lehigh University), and his MBA (Cornell). He started his career in the family heat treating business in Allentown, still owned by his father. He then moved into materials testing and product qualification.  Doug oversaw the global division of IMR Laboratories which supported the qualification of current Leap, XWB, GeNX, and PW100G engine programs.  As many of you know Stack works closely with IMR. Following IMR Doug joined our customer PCC in early 2017 as Operations Manager for Deer Creek facility where he oversaw Front- and Back-End operations, Facilities, Maintenance, and TiAl product line. Following his Deer Creek experience, he worked in the PCC Large Structural facility. Doug grows his own hops but has consistently failed to brew anything which he would proudly serve to friends. Secondly, the owners of Stack in Portland, ASAP in Salt Lake and Inland in Spokane are pleased to announce that the companies will now all be owned by Stack Metallurgical Group. One of Doug’s goals as CEO will be to co-ordinate the efforts of these three fine teams. Dave Ederer, Dan Ederer, Marsha Ederer, Deanne Ederer Emmons.”

Pyradia in Quebec is a furnace manufacturer which has grown substantially over the years. While we say furnace manufacturer that is not quite correct as the company is more lower temperature items although they have built high temperature furnaces in conjunction with Swiss company Codere as an example. Anyway their name comes up today because Pyradia recently designed designed 2 drop bottom ovens for SAMT (Shanghai Advanced Metallurgical Technologies) its Chinese partner. SAMT manufactured the drop bottom ovens for Harbin Dongan Engine Co., Ltd., a joint venture mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of gas engine for Mitsubishi Motor. We really get a kick out of the picture of this drop bottom.

Early in 2017 we mentioned that the assets of Forge USA., in Houston, Texas were going to be auctioned off. It made for an interesting news item because of the number of heat treat furnaces that were to be part of the auction, a total of 14 big box type furnaces, 2 large carbottom furnaces and some very large quench tanks. At the time we commented that the furnaces looked rather “tired” and probably wouldn’t attract a lot of attention which lead to the auctioneers, “Hilco” sending us some choice comments-which really didn’t matter at all as we call them like we see them and we still think they were pretty tired furnaces.  As it turns out all of the equipment in the plant was acquired by a company by the name of Forged Components before the auction. All this leads to the fact that the buyer Forged Components recently issued a press release building up the fact that they now have eight additional heat treatment furnaces and a 16,000 lb. polymer, and 30,000 lb. water quench tank.

Lets look at people news starting with Michael Lister. Michael has worked with companies such as SECO/WARWICK where he was Vacuum Products Team Leader and Flowserve Corporation where we was a Sales Engineer. Recently he became Director Of Business Development for Consarc Corporation, who is part of the Inductotherm Group of companies  and who offer vacuum melting furnaces. Rick Collins who spent his entire working life in the heat treating department at Borg Warner in Ithaca, NY recently retired. The Borg Warner facility in Ithaca is one of the nicest manufacturing plants we have ever visited and has a very substantial and impressive in house heat treating department which includes something you don’t see that often anymore-numerous rotary retort furnaces.

Deb Dougherty is another person who just retired. Deb worked for 20 years at General Metal Heat Treating in Cleveland a family owned commercial heat treat where she worked along with her brother and father and possibly other family members. We met her a few times and always found her to be a very competent individual. James Long has joined his father Mike Long and younger brother Aaron at Vacuum and Atmosphere Services in the UK where he has taken over the  TUS and calibration department. VAS claims to be the largest provider of services for the vacuum and atmosphere heat treating market in the UK.  And to round our people news we have to mention that our friend Márcio Boragini is now General Manager of United Process Controls in Brazil. We have to confess that this only reflects the fact that he was GM of Atmosphere Engineering which was of course acquired by UPC so it is only a name change but it does give us the chance to post this picture of Márcio taken way back in 2006 in Brazil. Márcio is the second from the right with Gord Montgomery on the left and Wagner Ribas of Maxitrate in between. We have to confess that doing business in Brazil is a joy as you can see.

And to round things out we would respectfully suggest that you check out our updated home page photos for 10 possibly never seen before pictures from the worldwide heat treating industry. If you have an interesting photo you would like to share we would be more than happy to include it absolutely free. April 9, 2018   

Midwest Thermal-Vac Expands Adds TITAN® Furnace

Nationally recognized commercial heat treater and repeat Ipsen customer, Midwest Thermal-Vac (MTV), recently purchased a TITAN® vacuum furnace with 12-bar gas quenching. This furnace features a diffusion pump for high-vacuum levels and an all-metal hot zone to ensure part cleanliness – an important feature for processing parts that need to comply with Nadcap and Medical industry requirements such as MedAccred. The TITAN is MTV’s second Ipsen furnace; the first is a horizontal furnace used primarily for processing tool and die work. The TITAN furnace features an all-metal hot zone measuring 18” x 24″ x 18″ (455 mm x 610 mm x 455 mm), with a 1,000-pound (450 kg) load capacity. It is capable of operating at temperatures ranging from 900 °F to 2,400 °F (482 °C to 1,316 °C) with ± 10 °F (±6 °C) temperature uniformity. This shipment also includes PdMetrics® software platform for predictive maintenance and Ipsen’s startup service performed by local Field Service Engineers.

Ipsen’s TITAN vacuum furnace is a platform product that sets the industry standard for quality equipment at a cost-conscious value. These heat-treating systems are available in several sizes with horizontal or vertical configurations, nitrogen or argon quench and graphite or all-metal hot zone construction. They are easy to operate and handle a variety of common heat-treating processes, making them an ideal choice for both new and repeat customers. Learn more at

 About MTV; Founded in 1999, MTV is a leader in LPC vacuum carburizing and heat-treating for Aerospace, Commercial, Military and Motor Sports industries with quenching capabilities up to 23-bar. MTV can also fulfill needs for conventional solution, isothermal, spherodized or full annealing, homogenizing, normalizing, austenitizing and tempering tool steel. To learn more, visit

 About Ipsen ; Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum and atmosphere heat-treating systems, supervisory controls systems and predictive maintenance software platforms for a wide variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and Medical. With production locations in America, Europe and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing 360° support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success.” April 6, 2018   

Michael Coburn Joins AFC-Holcroft Sales Team

“AFC-Holcroft is pleased to announce Michael Coburn has joined their sales team as Sales Engineer.  Coburn will be based out of the company’s headquarters in Wixom, Michigan, where he will focus his varied experience on key account management as well as new lead generation.   Coburn will report to Tracy Dougherty, Sales Manager at AFC-Holcroft.  Coburn has a BA in English from Oakland University and brings many years of capital equipment sales experience.  He also brings first-hand knowledge of commercial heat treating earned from his 10+ years in various positions, including President of Hoover Steel Treating, where he led the company known primarily as a salt bath operation focused on the high speed steel broach cutting tool industry as well as other tool and die customers.    

In addition, Coburn also brings experience selling fasteners and stampings for a large industrial manufacturer as regional sales manager, giving him exposure to an array of heat treatment technology such as vacuum, induction, pusher and continuous belt furnaces. “We believe our customers will benefit from Mike’s hands-on experience in heat treatment covering many different aspects of the business”, said Tracy Dougherty, Sales Manager, “and we are excited to have him on board as part of our team.”

About AFC-Holcroft: Founded in 1916, AFC-Holcroft, is one of the US market leaders in the production of industrial furnace equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  The company manufactures turn-key heat treating systems for applications including commercial heat treating, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining, aluminum heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries.  Member of the Aichelin Group since 2016 and headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, AFC-Holcroft operates its own subsidiaries in China and Switzerland and has a global presence through a network of partners located in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Poland and Spain.

About AICHELIN Holding: The AICHELIN Group, as part of the BERNDORF Group of companies, is a manufacturer of industrial furnace equipment for different industry segments and provider of after-sale services. AICHELIN Group also operates in the field of induction heating and in the manufacturing of industrial gas burner systems. The group’s production sites are located in Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, the US, China, and India.  Altogether, the AICHELIN Group has 1,100 employees worldwide and ranges among the largest producers of heat treatment plants globally. For more information, contact” April 6, 2018   

P&L Heat Treating, Inc. Installs Vacuum Furnace

To this press release we can add that this is the second vacuum furnace Remix has sold to P&L. The company also recently shipped a bottom load furnace to a customer in France. April 5, 2018   

“REMIX of Poland recently delivered their latest horizontal high pressure vacuum furnace to an American commercial heat treating plant.  P&L Heat Treating, Inc. of Youngstown, Ohio/USA has already began production with the REMIX furnace, making this P&L’s fourth large capacity Vacuum. This furnace enhances P&L Heat Treating’s production capabilities in the heat treatment of aluminum extrusion die’s, forging dies used in the automotive industry , as well as parts for aviation, nuclear and other industries. The unit was designed to handle positive pressure of inert cooling gas up to 10 bar. It’s internal size of 910mm x 910mm x 1220mm is ideal for various sized dies, punches, and forming rolls. About REMIX S.A.; Founded in 1990, REMIX is a Polish Company with 26 years’ experience in heat treatment equipment manufacturing. The production scope covers manufacturing of high quality heat treatment: furnaces and technological lines for thermal and thermo-chemical heat treatment, units designed for joint operation with external loaders, quench baths, washers, casting and non-ferrous metals heat treatment furnaces as well as repairs, modernizations and spare parts delivery. In October 2012, Remix became the exclusive partner of AFC-HOLCROFT in the European market. In 2016 we became an exclusive representative of German NOXMAT – manufacturer of high capacity energy saving industrial gas burners, for the Russian, Belarus, Ukrainian and domestic market. In Poland exclusive agent of German crucibles manufacturer – MAMMUT – WETRO Company. More information here:

Sundaram Clayton, Ridgeville, S.C

This press release was issued in early 2017 and it caught our attention at the time as one more example of the enormous growth in the automotive and consequently heat treating industry in the South Eastern, USA. As it turns out the aluminum automotive casting heat treatment system is being supplied by Can Eng Furnaces of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. April 5, 2018   

“COLUMBIA, S.C. – Sundaram-Clayton,, a leading Indian manufacturer and supplier of aluminum cast products to global automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), today announced that it will be launching its first U.S. manufacturing operations in Dorchester County. By investing $50 million, the company is expecting to create 130 new jobs over the next five years. A component of the $7 billion TVS Group, SCL is the holding company for the $1.6 billion TVS Motor Company Limited, India’s third-largest manufacturer of two-wheelers and a flagship company of the TVS Group. SCL also manages Sundaram Auto Components Limited, which manufactures injection molded plastic components. Located in the Ridgeville Industrial Campus in Ridgeville, S.C., SCL has acquired 50 acres of land for its new facility, where it will manufacture aluminum high-pressure die-cast products and permanent mold gravity cast parts for its customers. Construction at the site is expected to begin by April 2017, and the first production line is projected to be operational by the end of 2018.”

Vac Aero

Vacuum Furnace manufacturer VAC AERO International is pleased to announce the addition of Kevin Wang as our new Electrical Controls Specialist.  Kevin, an electrical engineer with previous industrial furnace experience, is proving to be a real asset for our organization.  In the photo we have from the left; Gord Montgomery, Bill Potts, Kevin Wang, Gary Younger, and Darrell Manente standing in front of two VAC AERO VAV6060 HV-2 bottom loading vacuum furnaces destined for the aerospace market.  With the booming US economy, business has been strong this year and we have a healthy order book moving forward.  Regards, Darrell Manente, Director Furnace Manufacturing Division, VAC AERO International 905 336 0673 x111. April 4, 2018   

Gord Montgomery, Bill Potts, Kevin Wang, Gary Younger, Darrell Manente

Molybdenum Pricing

Now if the graph below was showing the price of a stock you owned it would bring tears of joy to your eyes, however very unfortunately it shows the price of Moly Oxide which is not going to bring joy to the heart of any heat treater who needs moly. Moly is valued by vacuum heat treaters mainly because it doesn’t distort at high temperatures, the flip side is that it is reasonably expensive. What we do know is that moly pricing has increased by roughly 50% over the past month and this applies to every supplier we have run across. April 3, 2018   

Swedish Heat Treater Acquired

In Sweden we see that commercial heat treater HARDtekno, located in Kristinehamn, Sweden was recently acquired. HARDtekno was part of the Driconeq Group of companies which was acquired by a company by the name of Mincon just a couple of weeks ago. Although we at “The Monty” have visited a number of captive and commercial heat treats in Sweden this is one which we missed. We can say that the heat treating industry in Sweden is large for the size of the country and compares favorably with any area of the world. What we saw were new, clean plants with generally state of the art equipment mainly from German manufacturers. These photos show the HARDtekno facility. By the way the equipment you see in these photos was provided by a German company by the name of Systherms GmbH which we have run across once or twice in the past. We searched through our records and found one photo showing the CEO of Systherms, Mr. Gunter Reuss at a Thermprocess show in 2015-he is the rather shaggy haired individual second from the left. April 3, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

On March 29th 2018 international commercial heat treater Bodycote published their 2017 annual report These are the highlights;

  • Revenue growth of 14.9% to £690.2m; revenue growth at constant currency was 9.6%, well above the background market growth rates
  • 24% growth in headline operating profit to £123.9m
  • Return on sales improvement to 18.0% (2016: 16.6%)
  • Basic headline EPS increased 33% to 49.2p
  • ROCE increased to 19.3% (2016: 17.1%) notwithstanding the increased rate of capital investment
  • Headline operating cash flow5 of £111.7m (2016: £91.4m)
  • Headline operating cash conversion6 at 90%; £83.0m free cash flow7 (2016: £60.5m)
  • Full year ordinary dividend 17.4p, up 10%, and special dividend 25.0p (2016: nil)

November of 2017 we had a short news item about  Commercial heat treater Listemann Technology which has 3 locations in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Poland. At the time we told you how the company was moving into a new building in Liechtenstein but we regretted we did not have a photo of the plant finished. Well we do now.

On the US West coast one of the largest and most impressive heat treaters is a company by the name of Stack Metallurgical in Portland, Oregon. We have visited the company in the past and have always been impressed by their equipment, all of which is very up to date. While the company is always investing one of their largest investments can be seen below. What you are looking at are two 60” X 60” 6-bar quenching, bottom loading vacuum furnaces built by Ipsen. These were added over the past couple of years.

Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited was recently awarded a contract from an India based conglomerate to design, manufacture, install, and commission an Aluminum Automotive Casting Heat Treatment system for their new green field North American expansion in South Carolina. Can-Eng was chosen for this project largely due to the unique Modular Design concept which offers efficient product, process, and production flexibility for our partners new line of Die Cast Light Weight Aluminum Automotive Components.  This Solution Treatment, Water Quench and Artificial Aging system are arranged to provide both T5, T6 and Homogenizing Processes. The new system will service three distinct aluminum product groups with unique treatment cycles.” From Italy furnace builder CIEFFE (whose banner ad can be found on this page) sent us this photo of furnaces being shipped. The first truck is going to a customer in Germany, the second to a customer in Italy. We get a kick out of the fact that to visit CIEFFE the closest airport is Venice which makes for a real fun visit.


Jim Oakes of Controls company SSI in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA sent us this news item;We have had an opportunity to help out a very talented group of high school kids here in Cincinnati with their robotic competitions.  Supporting STEM students is a great way to give back to the community and refreshing to see the talent and brain power that will soon contribute to engineering and technology in the years to come.  I have attended a couple of these events this year and it is amazing to see the technology they are using and the designs they are coming up with along with the comradery and teamwork demonstrated by the participants.  The note below is from the team.

Last November you manufactured some parts for our drive base for us. We’d like to thank you for making these parts for us. We have had quite a lot of success again this year and are currently preparing for the world championship at the end of April after qualifying for this competition last weekend at the East Super Regional tournament in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our team has also made a lot of progress this year in our efforts to make our schools and community aware of robotics and to get robots in the hands of elementary school students. The Forest Hills Foundation for Education funded a grant we submitted and we developed and implemented an after school program at Wilson. We’d like to thank you again for your support. We attribute some of our success to our gracious sponsors, and we’re very grateful for your support. Sincerely, 7 Sigma Robotics, FTC team 10030” April 2, 2018   

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