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Monday Morning Briefing

In Jacksonville, Florida knife manufacturer Bear & Son Cutlery has made the decision to add in house heat treating capacity. This is part of a large investment which will also result in 25 new jobs. It’s pretty unusual to find a commercial heat treater in North America who is not doing well these days and Dependable Metal Treating in Kendallville, Indiana is no exception. The company is in the process of adding another 30” X 48” X 30” batch IQ furnace which will bring their total up to 10 batch IQ furnaces. The photo below shows part of their facility. February 19, 2018   

In people news Mike Stempo has long been involved in the gases side of heat treating recently made a move from Linde to United Hydrogen. Paulo Heat Treating has hired a new addition to the company; Paulo’s team is growing and the newest addition is Crystal Wells. As Key Account Manager for the Kansas City Division she will be responsible for developing relationships with the customer base and growing our existing partnerships. Crystal comes to Paulo with previous experience in industrial sales in the Wichita, KS area. More recently she owned and operated a marketing agency with a wide scope of services from lead generation to strategy and sales consulting. Crystal will be based in the Wichita area, which represents a growing region for the Kansas City Division’s Aerospace heat treatment business.”

In Quebec forestry equipment manufacturer Quadco Equipment and Usinage Rimouski were just purchased by  Komatsu International which is rather interesting. We mention them because the company has a very impressive in house heat treating department consisting of AFC-Holcroft Batch IQ furnaces as you can see in this photo.

This is not directly heat treat related but GKN does such a mammoth amount of heat treating and sintering in house that this story is at least worth a brief mention; “GKN plc has confirmed that it will look to divest GKN Powder Metallurgy, comprising GKN Sinter Metals and Hoeganaes, within the next 12-18 months as part of its new business strategy to transform the company, including the sale of non-core segments. The new strategy announcement comes in response to Melrose PLC’s widely-reported takeover bid in January 2018. As part of a plan to divest non-core segments, GKN group will also look to sell GKN Driveline’s Wheels, Cylinder Liners and Off-Highway Powertrain businesses, while identifying plans to grow Driveline China and further develop its eDrive Systems business. GKN Aero Additive Manufacturing was also identified as a product segment positioned for growth.” ACE Furnaces in India issued this press release. We have absolutely zero interest in annealing of steel tubes but what did catch our attention is that this is a new furnace order destined for South Africa which is probably the first new furnace order in the country for 10 years now-unfortunately we don’t believe it is the start of a trend;We are pleased to have recently received an order for a Roller Hearth Furnace, along with associated equipment, from KLT Group, South Africa, for bright annealing of carbon steel tubes. The furnace capacity will be 4 MT/hr, and it will be suitable for firing with LPG / natural gas.”

It is almost exactly one year ago that we told you how fastener manufacturer OMG in Agawam, MA, USA installed a very large captive heat treating department to handle their heat treating requirements. During a recent tour for local authorities the company announced that the investment was a wise decision and that roughly 80% of their heat treating requirements are now done in house.

And to round things out Sue Harrod of furnace builder Diablo sent us this brief press release along with a couple of photos of their facility;Diablo is doing very well with new equipment orders and retrofits in the field. We are creatively utilizing technologies to meet new requirements/expectations in production. Diablo will be releasing information on its installation and new developments in the near future.  For now…there is a lot of positive momentum happening at Diablo. All I can say is, “Watch us grow.”


Paulo Cleveland

Commercial heat treater Paulo is one of the largest in North America and their Cleveland facility (previously called American Brazing) is one of the largest and most modern vacuum heat treats in North America. We at “The Monty” visited a number of years back but with a number of expansions and equipment additons to the plant since then it is about time for another visit. In the meantime we have these recent photos along with a U-Tube video of the operation. February 16, 2018

Can Eng Aluminum Aerospace Forging Furnace

Can Eng Furnaces of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is just about ready to shop what they feel is the Worlds Largest Capacity Aluminum Aerospace Forging Heating Furnace. While we will have more details next week we do have this photo which shows from the left;  Graeme Kirkness Marketing Co-ordinator, Can Eng and Tim Donofrio, VP Sales, Can Eng. February 16, 2018   

Gas or Electric? Electric or Gas?

On a regular basis manufacturers with no heat treating experience but looking to add in house heat treating capacity ask us what are the deciding factors when it comes to how an atmosphere furnace should be heated? The choices are natural gas, electricity or in extremely unusual cases propane. Assuming natural gas is available the determining factor is first price, second price and third price. This effectively means that except for areas with abundant cheap hydroelectric power or subsided rates in most areas of North America atmosphere furnaces are heated with gas, the exceptions being Quebec, Canada, Tennessee and parts of the US Northwest. There are a couple of other very small considerations such as the price of the equipment new (electric furnaces are more expensive to purchase than gas) and emissions (not a large factor in North America to date, maybe a bit in California) but essentially it comes down to the relative cost of electricity vs; natural gas. We asked Tracy Dougherty, Sales Manager of furnace builder AFC-Holcroft what his guess would be as far as the % of each and this is what he had to say;

Hi Gord, The vast majority of austenitizing furnaces for North America are gas fired.  I would estimate it to be 90% plus.  In other parts of the world, electrically heated furnaces are a bit more common due to the limited supply of consistent high quality natural gas.  This percentage changes in other equipment such as tempering furnaces, washers, etc. where electrically heated options are a bit more common. Tracy”.

As a final note to this item we will add that with the enormous growth in shale natural gas on the continent there is every reason to believe that this ratio will continue or perhaps even grow.   February 15, 2018   

Applied Process To Open New Plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas

To this very interesting news item we have to add that Applied Process is undoubtedly the largest commercial salt heat treater in North America.  The company also has the largest batch IQ furnace with salt quenching which we have ever seen, an AFC-Holcroft built unit, a picture of which can be found below. Want to know more about the company? Only at “The Monty” will you find an interview with Chip Keough of Applied Process. We are also including a picture of the company logo which is in their Livonia facility-our favorite logo ever. February 14, 2018   

“FORT SMITH, AR., Feb. 13, 2018 — Applied Process, Inc., the worldwide leader in austempering heat treatment technology, will expand with a new multi-million-dollar heat treatment plant in Fort Smith, Ark.  The 51,000-square-foot plant will house six furnaces and add at least 30 jobs. The plant is expected to be fully operational in the 3rd quarter and will serve customers in the Midwest and South.  “We are very excited to announce our expansion in Fort Smith,” said Chief Executive Officer Harold Karp. “Record sales performance in 2016 and 2017, combined with a strong new product forecast, make this the right time to expand.”  Applied Process plants in Livonia, Mich., and Oshkosh, Wis., will remain in operation, serving the automotive, agriculture, aerospace, heavy truck, railroad, mining industries, as well as the military. The Oshkosh facility houses the world’s largest integral quench batch austempering furnace which is capable of austempering parts up to 20,000 lbs. in weight.  “The additional capacity in Fort Smith will allow us to continue to offer industry-leading levels of customer service, quality and turn time,” said Steve Metz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The new facility will allow us to expand into new markets and serve a broader geographic customer base.” Rusty Rainbolt, who has been with Applied Process for three years on the sales team, will be plant manager. Rainbolt holds bachelor’s degrees in engineering and marketing from Oklahoma State University. “Rusty’s engineering, sales and product experience, along with a strong, experienced leadership team, will ensure a smooth start-up of the new facility,” Karp said. “Arkansas continues to be a great place where businesses can succeed,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson. “Our dedicated workforce and low business costs help companies like Applied Process reach their highest potential.”  “Working with the Applied Process team on their site search for the past year has been a pleasure. We were able to introduce them to Fort Smith and find the perfect location for their specific needs,” said Tim Allen, President and CEO of the Fort Smith Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The community was a perfect match for the company’s expansion requirements and they will be a great complement to the area.”  Applied Process, Inc. specializes in the austemper heat treatment process. Compared to more traditional heat treatment methods, austempering makes iron and steel components stronger, tougher, lighter and more wear-resistant. Through technical leadership, an unparalleled number of metallurgical engineers on staff, and dedicated research and development, Applied Process helps customers solve their toughest engineering problems. Visit for more information.”

Rob Wilcox, Super Systems Europe

“We’re very pleased to welcome Rob Wilcox to the Super Systems Europe Sales and Engineering team! Rob brings with him 33 years of heat treatment industry experience. As well as focusing on building our relationships with our existing customers, Rob is also available as a general consultant to help commercial and captive heat treaters improve the quality and efficiency of the the entire operation. Rob will cover the UK and Ireland and is immediately available on hand to respond to any process control enquiries or advice on meeting the latest quality requirements, especially CQI-9 and AMS2750E. Please do not hesitate to call to arrange an appointment. If you’d like to discuss any product, project, or consultancy enquiries with Rob, please contact him on +447375 660 787,” February 14, 2018   

SECO/WARWICK Press Release

“SECO/WARWICK is the supplier of a precision Vacuum equipment for the Wedge Group and Shenzhen Wedge South Central University in Shenzhen, China, to be utilized primarily for high temperature alloy solution treatment for both production and research & development of super alloys for aerospace applications. China’s #1 relay manufacturer, Xiamen Hongfa Electric Power Controls will add a SECO/WARWICK high vacuum brazing system to their facility in Xiamen, China.

The Wedge Group and Shenzhen Wedge Central South Research Institute Co., Ltd; The Wedge Group is located in Shenzhen China, with investment in precision casting industry beginning in 2012. Recently, the group established  Shenzhen as the headquarter and through the cooperation  with Shanghai and Changsha R&D institute, established the Shanghai and Changsha branch companies.  Shenzhen Wedge Central South Research Institute Co., Ltd was established in 2014, dedicated to high temperature alloy material research and development.

Xiamen Hongfa Electric Power Controls Co. Ltd.; Hongfa is the leading relay manufacturer in China and one of the leading relay suppliers and manufacturers in the world. Hongfa ranks No.1 in the relay industry in China in terms of overall economic efficiency. Founded in 1984, Hongfa has become a top-notch relay R&D and production center all over the world.” February 14, 2018   

Say It Ain’t So Jordan Messick!

We understand that Jordan Messick Industrial Sales Manager for South-Tek Systems, LLC will be leaving the company at the end of this month. South-Tek is one of the best known companies in the heat treat industry for Nitrogen Generating Systems and Jordan has become a staple at the heat treat shows in North America over the past few years. It is rather unusual that he is leaving the industry completely for something totally unrelated. We will miss him. February 13, 2018   

Home Page Pictures

Just yesterday we pulled out a whole new batch of photos for our “Home Page” We would encourage you to have a look and see what people or heat treat installations your recognize. February 13, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

Dry Coolers Training; Looks like training time at Dry Coolers in Oxford, Michigan. Dry Coolers is a name known to almost every single heat treater in North America and many other parts of the world for their water and quench oil cooling systems. Last week they had a two day training session for their most recent reps, Ben Grammer of Grammer Vacuum Technologies (US North West) and Jordan Montgomery of WG Montgomery Ltd., (Canada and Upstate NY). From the left we see; Mike Gorman, Phil Seamon, Ben Grammer, Gary Berwick, Jordan Montgomery, Brian Russell, Matt Reed

In the UK fastener manufacturer Non Standard Socket Screw (NSSS) in the Midlands recently added in house heat treating capacity. This takes the form of a used Ipsen TQ-4 sealed quench hardening and tempering line utilizing an endothermic atmosphere. The company claims that this is a “lights out” system (meaning no furnace operator involvement but we are pretty sure we see an operator riding on that charge car). Since its foundation in 1971, NSSS has developed a fully self-contained fastener manufacturing operation that employs 90 people. In addition to its stockist business, the company produces a wide range of special fasteners including prototypes for customers which range in size from M1.4. up to M64.”

Surface Combustion has landed an order for two gas fired batch IQ furnaces with working dimensions of 36” X 48” X 36” from a commercial heat treater in North America. Batch IQ (sealed quench) furnaces are a hot item these days and typically delivery is around 24-26 weeks. February 27th a company by the name of Ledvance in Winchester, KY is auctioning off some equipment. Nothing really of interest to heat treaters except for some vacuum pumps. No idea what they were used for but the flyer we received mentions a number of Leybold vacuum pumps. In Sweden a fastener manufacturer by the name of Bulten is getting into heat treating in a big way. The company just announced that they will be investing SEK 45 million (about $5.5 million USD) in a new heat treatment plant in Hallstahammar. About the right amount for a new mesh belt line, ancillary equipment and installation. The company was founded in 1873 and has some 1,300 employees in nine countries and head office in Gothenburg.

HighTemp in India, the country’s largest furnace builder and largest commercial heat treater is expanding again. Later this year the company will be opening two brand new commercial heat treat locations, one in Sanand Gujarat (Western India) and one at Bidadi near Bangalore (South India near HO). We are looking forward to sharing some more details and photos with you. Jeff McLaughlin of VESCO-McLaughlin sent us this press release. It’s interesting that Jeff started off in the atmosphere side of heat treating and has expanded into vacuum also-this is a combination which we have not seen before; “Vesco-McLaughlin is offering FREE pick-up to evaluate your vacuum pumps for reconditioning and repairs. We’ve recently upgraded and added to our fleet of service vehicles, enhancing our maintenance capabilities. We specialize in a number of areas of field service including: leak detection, installations, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting. We buy used pumps!” February 12, 2018   

Voestalpine High Performance Metals Buys Seco Vacuum Furnace

We find it very interesting that Böhler-Uddeholm AG which was acquired back in 2007 by Austrian company voestalpine High Performance Metals just now is changing the name. We have no idea whether this covers all of their plants but obviously some including their location in Mississauga, Canada which is shown in the photo below have officially changed their name. We at “The Monty” have visited several Böhler locations and they are always absolutely top notch operations with the latest and greatest in heat treating and surface engineering technology. In this case you can see that the Mysłowice, Poland facility has bought a state of the art 15 bar vacuum furnace. February 9, 2018   

“Voestalpine High Performance Metals (formerly Böhler-Uddeholm AG), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tool and special steels, invests in SECO/WARWICK technologies to increase its production capacity. The global leader in steel manufacturing, already using SECO/WARWICK equipment, is now expanding its processing capabilities with a 15 bar vacuum furnace with high-pressure gas quenching and a retort furnace. “Tool steels are particularly demanding materials, with high durability requirements such as high hardness, wear and temperature resistance, and adequate impact strength.  This is why even the smallest fault during the heat treatment process can result in faster wear, warping, or even breaking of components, which entails financial losses. SECO/WARWICK is well aware of it all, and our long-term cooperation is a proof not only of our expertise in the matter, but also of the reliability and quality of SECO/WARWICK equipment,” said Zbigniew Nowacki, head manager of the Böhler Uddeholm Polska heat treatment facility. For Böhler Uddeholm Polska, the Polish branch of voestalpine High Performance Metals, the first machines were delivered to the quenching plant in the city of Mysłowice. Currently, two more SECO/WARWICK solutions are being developed for the Böhler Uddeholm Polska in the town of Łomianki. Outside Poland, SECO/WARWICK carried out similar projects for voestalpine branches in Slovakia, Romania, China, Mexico, Canada, providing over a dozen solutions during the five years of cooperation.”

Houston Heat Treat Receives ABS Certification

“Houston Heat Treat, a leading heat treat service provider located in the Houston, TX area, was granted approval through the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), January 12th, 2018. We strive to provide exceptional service in all sectors of our industry, including our marine structure manufacturers monitored by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). ABS and Houston Heat Treat have worked together frequently since Houston Heat Treat opened their doors in 2007. ABS comes onsite for special projects our customers may be working on requiring ABS approval and will witness processing and/or hardness inspection. However, this has always required special approval, and were order specific. In early 2017, we began receiving requests to earn the ABS Heat Treatment Facility Approval to broaden our capabilities. Some were from customers who had used us for many years on other projects, and some requests were from companies who had heard positive things about us by word of mouth. We saw a need by our customers in the marine sector of our industry and so we began the approval process.

After months of ‘Heat Treat Studies’ by way of customer witness product, and a Quality Assurance Plan written by HHT Quality specific to ABS Rules for Materials & Welding Part 2 (2018), we were elated to receive our ABS Certificate of Heat Treatment Facility and Process Approval. The appreciation received by our customers was more than we ever expected, and made this process that much more worth it. Our ABS Approved Quality Assurance Plan includes process and test requirements for ABS & Non-ABS Grades: Carbon & Low Alloy Steels. Processes included: Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching & Tempering. Each process for each ABS grade, as well as the grade specific hardness and mechanical requirements are included in our ABS Quality Assurance Plan. This procedure may be reviewed onsite at HHT. Just let us know you’re coming by and we can go over our future business plans while we review the QAP. Houston Heat Treat ABS Approval Certification T1707554 January 12, 2018” February 8, 2018   

Commercial Heat Treat Trivia (Whoops)

Yesterday we had a trivia point about the size of commercial heat treats in the US and how most had under 100 employees and to bolster this point we mentioned the few commercials that have over 100 employees. It was politely pointed out to us that we missed one of the largest in the US, FPM Heat Treating with multiple locations in the US Midwest. We apologize for the omission. February 8, 2018   

Commercial Heat Treat Trivia

We ran across this interesting information about commercial heat treaters in the US (we have no doubt but that these numbers are similar to most areas of the world by the way). According to US census data 96 percent of heat treatment companies in the US employ fewer than 100 workers and 68 percent employ fewer than 20. While we have not put much thought into this we certainly can’t argue, except for Bodycote, Paulo, Solar, Woodworth, Bluewater Thermal, Braddock, Precision Thermal, Advanced Heat Treat Corp., Vac Aero and a few that we have missed (and we apologize) we struggle to come up with many other commercials that would have more than 100 employees. And that ends our trivia time for Wednesday.   February 7, 2018   

Surjit Bawa Interview

We are pleased to have an interview with Surjit Bawa founder of Metex Heat Treating in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and his son Raman-Metex is arguably one of the most successful commercial fastener heat treaters in North America.  February 6, 2018   

How did you get started working in the heat treat industry?

“My background is as a Metallurgist and my first position in the industry was with Budd Heat Treat in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where I started as a furnace operator. While I was a furnace operator I occasionally had to change into a suit and put my metallurgist hat on when a customer visited-I ended up as General Manager.”

Raman – “I decided sometime in high school that I wanted to spend my life working on computers.  That somehow transcended into a degree into Electrical Engineering.  From there, I worked at BlackBerry working on software security & privacy.  When things started going south over there, I decided I needed something fresh and more hands on.  Obviously growing up around Metex, it seemed like a logical choice.  It combined a passion for engineering with the hands on nature I was looking for. “

Tell us about starting Metex.

“I started Metex in Brampton in 1983 partly because I wanted to live in Toronto (editor’s note; Brampton is a suburb of Toronto). The name comes from “Metal Experts” and I started with 1 rotary retort furnace, 1 batch furnace and 1 brazing furnace. From there we expanded to 4 brazing furnaces and got rid of the batch furnace. In 1985 we added our first mesh belt line with a capacity of 1,000 pounds per hour and then a 3,000 pound line and then a 6,000 pound line.”

Please tell us something about Metex, the size of the company, number of employees, processes offered etc.

“Metex now has 4 buildings, mesh belt capacity of 21,000 pounds per hour, 4 batch IQ lines and 10 Induction systems with a new, automated, very large induction system arriving shortly.” Continue Reading

Raman Bawa and Jordan MontgomerySurjit Bawa and Gord MontgomeryGrant Robinson and Surjit Bawa

Dr. MacKenzie Elected President of IFHTSE for 2-year Term

“Valley Forge, PA – At the Executive Council Meeting of the International Federation of Heat Treating and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE), D. Scott MacKenzie, PhD., Research Scientist – Metallurgy, Houghton International, Inc.  Valley Forge PA was elected to serve as Vice President for a two year term:  01 January 2018 to 01 January 2020. Scott MacKenzie, born 1956 in Lafayette, Indiana USA, is the ASM representative to IFHTSE Executive Committee since 2015. He completed his B.S. Metallurgical Engineering at The Ohio State University in 1982; his M.S. Metallurgical Engineering in 1993 from the University of Missouri – Rolla, and his Ph.D. Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla in 2000. His dissertation was on “Quench Rate and Aging Effects on Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Aluminum Alloys.”  He was awarded ASM Fellow in 2007.  He is presently Research Scientist – Metallurgy, responsible for sales and technical support of heat treating customers globally.  He has over 150 publication and books, mainly in the field of heat treating and quenching.  He is an active member in ASM (American Society of Metals) and has served as chairman, co-chairman or participated on the organizing committee of numerous heat treating conferences. 

Previously, Dr. MacKenzie was an Associate Technical Fellow at Boeing, St. Louis, responsible for conducting failure analysis of structural aerospace components.  He was also a manufacturing engineer at McDonnell Douglas, responsible for all aluminum, steel and nickel-based super alloys at the St. Louis facility. The International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) is a not-for-profit body founded in Switzerland 16th May, 1971.  This is an international group of scientific/technological societies and associations, groups and companies and individuals whose primary interest is heat treatment and surface engineering.  The IFHTSE represents Heat Treating and Surface Engineering Organization around the globe, with memberships for approximately 25 different countries, including countries from Europe, Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

The primary function of the IFHTSE is to promote international collaboration and communication on heat treatment and surface engineering, through the sharing of knowledge. This knowledge is communicated via conferences and international congresses held throughout the globe.  The IFHTSE places emphasis on recognizing engineers and scientist in the Field of Heat Treating and Surface Engineering with Programs such as the IFHTSE Fellows (sponsored by Houghton, Inc.).  Since 1865, Houghton International Inc. has been serving the metalworking, aluminum and steel industries, along with a variety of other markets including the offshore oil exploration metal finishing and surface treatment industry, with the development and production of specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants. Headquartered in Valley Forge, Pa., Houghton maintains manufacturing and research facilities throughout the world. Houghton International continues its focus to expand its customer service operations and grow its worldwide facilities. Visit  and” February 6, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

We start off with a very interesting pairing of two technologies, a rotary hearth furnace with an “IntensiQuench” system destined for a heat treater in Japan. IntensiQuench is a very interesting water quenching system championed by Joe Powell and Michael Aronov of Akron Steel Treating in Akron, Ohio. It’s been around for many years and while the results seem to be very impressive it is not a technology which has caught on to any extent in the general heat treating market. Systems that we have seen in the past have been more of a batch IQ style than a rotary hearth but obviously it doesn’t make too much difference the style of furnace.

A couple of years back “The Monty” visited a number of captive and commercial heat treaters in Australia and during that time we kept hearing about a large Ipsen gas fired, pusher carburizing furnace which was available. We lost track of the system however it has now appeared on the used equipment market. It is being sold by a company by the name of Drivetrain Systems International in Albury, Australia which was previously part of auto parts supplier Borg Warner. It’s a nice looking furnace but with an asking price of $1.3 million Australian (a little over $1 million USD), not being run for almost 10 years and with shipping not included we say good luck with that.

Braddock Metallurgical is the largest commercial heat treater in the US Southeast and certainly dominates the market in Florida. The company has just installed this New Large Car Bottom Furnace in their Tampa location. The furnace is capable of stress relieving, normalizing and annealing.

Ahead of some more announcement from Vacuum & Atmosphere Services in the UK such as a larger building we this this note about an upcoming seminar; “Vacuum & Atmosphere Services Ltd, the UK’s leading industrial furnace service company, will be holding their inaugural Customer Seminar on 14th and 15th March at the Belfry in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. The seminar will take place on the Wednesday morning, topics include Furnace Optimisation, Energy Savings, Aftermarket support, New equipment, Control Systems, SCADA systems and Refurbishments. On the afternoon we will be ‘streaming’ the Cheltenham horse racing festival on the big screen. This will be followed by an evening meal and overnight stay. On the Thursday for those that wish to play golf, we will be enjoying a round on the Belfry’s PGA National golf course. We anticipate a good attendance with many ‘blue chip’ companies already confirming their attendance. For further information please visit for more details of how to register.”

Furnace builder SOLO Swiss (whose banner ad can be found on this page) recently held an open house; “Open Day at SOLO Swiss, Porrentruy, Switzerland. The 19th January 2018, SOLO Swiss had the pleasure to organize an Open Day for their customers. More than 60 customers from France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Russia came to visit the workshop where two automatic bell-type furnaces lines were presented. With over 70 years’ experience, SOLO Swiss manufactures atmosphere furnaces for metal heat treatment since 1945 which are sold worldwide.”

People news. Martin Beaton is a fellow we have always had a lot of respect for. We first met him when he was a young metallurgist at FAG Bearings in Stratford, Ontario, Canada and we kept in touch with him when he was a Group Director for commercial heat treater Bodycote and also when he was President of Bohler Uddeholm (who in our opinion have some of the nicest heat treats around). Well Martin is now President of a company by the name of Voestalpine High Performance Metals Ltd., in the Toronto, Canada area. Bob Mann who was Manufacturing Engineering Manager for medical device supplier and captive heat treater DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., in Warsaw, Indiana just retired. Commercial heat treater Certified Metal Treating in Ohio was of course recently acquired by Calvert Street Capital Partners. Joe Biehn of Certified will be staying on as VP Business Development. Manufacturers rep Marty Keylon out in California is telling the world that he now reps for Houghton International; “Keylon Thermal Consulting is proud to announce it’s partnership with Houghton International as their West Coast Distributor. We have many different products including cold and hot quench oils, polymers,  lubricants and specialty instruments.” And in the UK Robert Wilcox recently became the UK Sales Manager for controls company SSI Europe.

And that is it for Monday, February 5/2018-if you would like your company to be mentioned in the Monday morning briefing please send your press releases to February 5, 2018   

Metlab Heat Treating Project

Commercial heat treater Metlab in Pennsylvania, USA had this interesting project recently that they would like to tell us about. Metlab is best known for having some of the largest pit carburizing furnaces in North America. February 2, 2018   

“Metlab comes across many unique and interesting projects each year. Some have a history lesson to accompany the project. Recently, a newly fabricated structural bulkhead for a Ryan ST-A historic aircraft (circa.1934), was treated in the Metlab facility. The customer, Classic Metalcraft, was referred to Metlab by another facility that did not have the equipment to properly process the large part.

Ryan ST-A (Aerobatic) training aircraft circa.1934

Ryan Aircraft was the manufacturer of the famous Spirit of St. Louis airplane. The Ryan ST’s were a series of two-seat, low-wing monoplane aircraft. They were used as sport aircraft, as well as trainers by flying schools and the military of several countries. The “ST” series (for “Sport Trainer”) was the first design from the company, introduced in 1933. This aircraft was followed by the “ST-A” (A for Aerobatic) which was developed with a more powerful engine. “We manufacture aircraft parts for displays and museums.” States David Paqua from Classic Metalcraft. “We recently expanded our practice to accept complete restoration work for antique aircraft.  Enter the Ryan STA.  We decided to produce an exact replica of the Ryan. The most difficult part that needed to be fabricated was the #2 bulkhead.  Not only is it tough to replicate without heavy pressing equipment, but it requires heat treating by a knowledgeable firm to prevent distortion.  This is where Metlab came into the picture.”

The bulkhead component is a structural piece fabricated with 4130 steel. The #2 bulkhead component carries all the stress of the flying wires, landing gear as well as the wing attachments.  It was vital indeed to properly fabricate and heat treat this assembly while maintaining a flat section.

The fuselage jig is allowing accurate positioning of the bulkheads and upper and lower stringers. Then will be covered by 2024 alloy aluminum skin of .032 thickness. Paqua explains, “The skin of the aircraft is affixed to the bulkhead. It is critical for the part to have the proper minimum mechanical properties to support the skin as well as remain in shape through the heat-treating process to maintain the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft.” Metlab developed a special fixture to maintain the flatness of the component during processing. Additionally, Metlab consulted with the customer and advised them to tack weld additional bracing inside the component to keep the integrity of the shape and help with the flatness of the entire component during the heat-treating process.

Bulkhead component after heat treating.

The physical dimension of the bulkhead is 26” wide X 39” tall and about 2” in section size.  The part is quenched and tempered to 180,000 PSI UTS, minimum, about HRC 40 – 44. The part was processed in one of Metlab’s 4′ diameter by 16′ work zone pit furnaces and then clamped on a flat plate for tempering to maintain flatness. Post heat treatment inspection consisted of verification of the hardness and flatness.

Furnace & Oven Manufacturers Salaries

Ever wonder what your friendly sales engineer from your furnace or oven supplier is getting paid? Well wonder no more we have this really top notch article about what employees at furnace and oven builders are getting paid these days courtesy of “International Search Partners”.

OEM’s (Furnace and Oven Manufacturers) Salary Guide: Recently we provided a salary guide laying out compensation ranges for most functions within the commercial heat treat industry. Here, we will provide the same information as it relates to OEMs and specifically furnace and oven manufacturers. Although job descriptions can vary quite a bit between companies, and salaries are subject to regional adjustments, this should give you a reasonably accurate representation of the current market-value for most OEM positions. An important note: compensation packages in the heat treat industry have advanced rapidly over the past few years. As the labor market has tightened, companies have had to increase wages to attract the resources necessary to run a successful operation. In many cases, the employer is offering non-cash incentives as well, such as more vacation time, the ability to work from home and profit sharing or bonus programs.

Mechanical, Electrical and Project Engineers: These are typically degreed individuals who handle project management and will often act as the project lead regarding equipment design. Electrical engineers will generally not be the lead on a single project but will spread themselves out over several projects. Typical salary ranges for engineers can vary quite a bit depending on total number years of experience, but usually falls anywhere from $85k up to around $110k.

Designers, Draftsman, Detailers (both Mechanical and Electrical): These are typically non-degreed individuals who are the backbone of every Furnace/Oven Manufacturer. They are typically paid hourly and can earn anywhere from the mid – $20’s to $40/hour + OT.

Application Engineers: These positions can also be called proposal engineers, estimators, inside sales engineers, etc. Whatever you call them, these are the people who put together the quotes that get sent to prospective customers. Sometimes, the business development person will also handle quotes, but companies will benefit from having this function done in-house and thus allowing the sales engineer to be out in the field doing what they do best, SELLING.  Application engineers are usually compensated at around $65k on the low end, but they can earn up to six figures or more for those who have niche technical expertise and who also work closely with outside sales to close deals.

Field Service Engineers: FSEs are a unique breed of technical “road warriors,” who love to travel and spend days, weeks or months away from home. These hands-on engineers and technicians work on installations and start-ups of equipment all over the world. They are almost always non-exempt employees and a significant percentage of their income can come from OT and per diem. Good ones can often make over $100K in any given year, but they are usually earning a base rate in the $25-35/hour range. As this type of skills set and availability to travel is highly in demand, more and more companies are offering remote-work and other flexible schedule options to entice and retain experienced FSEs.

Sales Engineers: Two types of compensation plans are prevalent for sales. One type of plan is salary only, commensurate with experience. The other is salary plus commission or bonus. Generally, OEMs who have a very technical, custom designed product and a long sales cycle will incentivize their sales engineers mainly with base salary and perhaps a small incentive bonus. This works well for both parties since it can be hard to determine a commission percentage for a sale that might be years in the making. OEMs with a more standard product line, and therefore a shorter sales cycle, will often opt for a smaller base salary and more incentive in the form of commission or bonuses. Whatever mix of base and commission, most sales engineers are earning somewhere in the low to mid $100k’s, plus car allowance/company car/mileage. Compensation plans for sales can be complex and we will provide an in-depth analysis of how sales professionals are incentivized in a future article.

VP/Production/Other: This is obviously not an exhaustive list of positions within an OEM but covers most of the middle management roles. VPs were intentionally left out because compensation can differ so much at the higher levels depending on the company, region and equity or bonus packages. Hourly production workers are always in demand as well. However, typically companies don’t require much experience and are willing to hire at a lower rate and provide in-house training.  If you have questions about any specific position, please feel free to contact us at

For over 20 years, ISP has been the premier recruiting solution for the Heat Treat industry. The salary information provided is based on information gathered over that time and from interviewing 500+ industry professionals per year. If you’re hiring now, or exploring new opportunities for yourself, we are uniquely positioned to be your partner for success and would love to work with you. Please contact us at or 619-465-9621. February 1, 2018   

J. Gonzales Appointed as California Sales Representative for J. L. Becker Company

J.L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, is pleased to announce the appointment of A. J. Gonzales as Sales Representative for the state of California. Mr. Gonzales has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management from the University of La Verne. He was previously employed at Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings, formerly known as Alcoa Fastening Systems and Fairchild Fasteners. During his 30 year career, Gonzales held key positions as manufacturing supervisor, environmental engineer, project engineer, and regional engineer. While in these roles, he developed the infrastructure for manufacturing facilities. He has extensive project experience in business planning, as well as selecting, installing and implementing heat treat equipment at facilities throughout the world. Gonzales assisted with combustion safety compliance and played a key role in acquiring NADCAP and Boeing accreditations. As a result, he has significant familiarity with heat-treating processes and equipment.

Going forward, Gonzales will support J. L. Becker’s sales and service efforts in California. Please congratulate A.J. on this new journey. Located in Plymouth, MI, J. L. Becker has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a full line of industrial thermal processing equipment for over 40 years. J. L. Becker’s product offering includes both batch and continuous heat processing equipment and specializes in Temper, Tip Up, Box, Car Bottom, and Pit Furnaces as well as a full line of replacement parts and auxiliary equipment which consists of atmosphere generators, quench tanks, and charge cars. The company custom designs and manufactures thermal processing equipment to meet customer’s specific needs. For more information on how J.L. Becker can provide custom engineered solutions to meet specific thermal processing requirements, AJ can be reached by telephone at (626) 437-6557 or via email at You can also visit February 1, 2018   

Wall Colmonoy Brazing School

 Recently we had a press release about the ambitous investment plans at Aerobraze in Cincinnati, Ohio, this announcement brings their name to the forefront yet again. “Preserving the tradition originated by the late Robert Peaslee, a brazing pioneer who invented the first nickel-based brazing filler metal, Wall Colmonoy offers a spring session of Modern Furnace Brazing School on May 15-17, 2018 at Wall Colmonoy’s Aerobraze Brazing Engineering Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Engineers, technicians, quality managers, production managers, and others will participate in “hands-on” practical applications while learning about brazing technology from the industry’s leading brazing engineers. For over 60 years, Wall Colmonoy engineers have been gaining practical experience on actual problems in brazing plants around the world. This three-day seminar offers knowledge and practical application on:

  • Brazing Design
  • Metallurgical Aspects / Brazing Operation
  • Brazing Atmosphere and Furnace Equipment
  • Brazing Material Selection and Applications
  • Quality Control

 Unlike other classroom-only seminars, Brazing School attendees will tour the facility and see the actual brazing application on the shop floor. They will also have the opportunity to apply different forms of filler metal to supplied samples, have them vacuum brazed and discuss the outcomes. Wall Colmonoy’s Leading Brazing Engineers have the technical know-how and practical experience to guide attendees through the brazing process from beginning to end production. For seminar details and registration information, contact Jim Nicoll, Marketing Associate, at E., T. 248.585.6400, ext. 233 or visit” January 31, 2018   

Metals Engineeing Green Bay, Wisconsin

“Metals Engineering transitions from ISO 9001:2008 to certification under ISO 9001:2015. The ISO 9001:2015 certification acknowledges the company’s robust quality system and the commitment of every associate to produce to specification, the first time, every time. The desire to achieve the highest quality standard in all that the company does has bred within Metals Engineering a culture that is focused on excellence. Company Quality Policy Metals Engineering will meet the quality requirements of our business partners through strict adherence to validated procedures, a total commitment to excellence, and a focus on improving the lives of those we serve. About Metals Engineering Since 1967 Metals Engineering has provided heat-treating services to foundries, fabrication shops, OEM’s, and machine shops located in WI and the greater Midwest. The company is family-owned and growth-focused.” January 31, 2018   

Polish Heat Treat Forum

Readers might have noticed the vertical banner ad on the left side of the page about the upcoming heat treat forum in Poland, the organizers have this comment to make about heat treating in Europe. January 31, 2018   

“Two European economies have been growing quickly the past two years when it comes to heat treating; Germany and Poland. The result is full order books for several large international furnace manufacturers. Polish industry is buying furnaces which are securing and supporting its accelerating expansion, furnaces with less down time, guaranteeing 24/7 operation, always performing with high safety standards, fulfilling highest quality expectations, following industry 4,0 requests etc. Several new commercial and captive heat treats in the country currently are  under construction. In addition to that also old plants are modernizing or extending their capacities. Some of the international commercial heat treatment suppliers already existing in the area include Bodycote, Hauck, BöhlerUddeholm, Hanomag, Rübig, Technotherm, Listeman etc., and all are investing in the region (Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia). German, American, Canadian, French, British and Italian aerospace companies and  their suppliers in Poland are growing and investing in heat treatment equipment. Some German manufacturers are moving their heat treat shops to Poland, were the workforce is still much cheaper while at the same time the education level is very high. If you want to learn more about that market and its opportunities we recommend that you join the 5th edition of the  Heat Treatment Forum & Expo event in Wroclaw/Poland on April, 25-26th (, this is the sole independent meeting of heat treaters in CE Europe.”

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Expands Gas Nitriding/FNC Capacity in Waterloo, IA

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) has purchased a gas nitride unit to expand its capacity for UltraGlow® Gas Nitriding and UltraOx® surface treatment solutions at its Corporate Office and Service Center in Waterloo, IA. This new, large, state-of-the-art gas nitride/high temperature unit will also allow increased capacity of currently offered services including gas ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) and stress relief.  Nearly 37 years ago, the company started with just two ion nitriding units at one location and has grown to over 50 units across its four locations in Alabama, Iowa and Michigan. By solving wear, corrosion and abrasion problems with their UltraGlow® family of processes, the company has grown significantly and continues to invest in the future. 

 “We are seeing substantial opportunity for gas nitriding/FNC applications in agriculture, construction, automotive, oil, gas and industries where corrosion resistance is imperative. The addition of this unit will also allow us to expand our UltraOx® capacity, a trademarked process of AHT that was launched in 2013 and is increasingly replacing QPQ, nickel plating, chrome plating and salt bath in many applications.  We are fortunate to be able to meet customer demand and invest in the future with the addition of new gas nitriding/FNC equipment. Our commitment to quality and service has allowed us the growth to make this purchase possible, and we are truly thankful for that.” stated Mikel Woods, AHT President.

 Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) is a recognized leader in providing heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions to companies across the globe, with locations in Alabama, Iowa and Michigan. Our UltraGlow® family of processes includes Plasma/Ion Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC), Gas Nitriding, UltraOx® (a great alternative to QPQ/Nickel Plating/Chrome Plating), Through Hardening, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Induction Hardening, Straightening, and many more.”  January 30, 2018   

Solar Atmospheres of California Facility Expansion Complete

“Solar Atmospheres of California (SCA) is pleased to announce the completion of its most recent facility expansion.  The new expansion allows SCA to double its current heat treating capacity on the west coast while continually striving to meet the needs of an ever growing customer base.  Project expansion began taking shape in July 2016 with ground breaking for a new 25,000 sq. ft. building.  Upon completion of building construction in July 2017 and, applying the lessons learned from SCA’s initial facility build in 2010-11, SCA immediately began the design, fabrication and installation of all required support systems including water and gas delivery. In preparation for the added growth, SCA has procured an additional four vacuum furnaces from sister company Solar Manufacturing (SMI) based in Souderton, PA. Additional state-of-the-art vacuum heat treating equipment includes:

SMI Model HFL-5748-10IQ-VC “High Pressure Vacuum Gas Carburizing Furnace”

  • Rigid Graphite Hot Zone design measuring 36”W X 36”H X 48”Deep
  • 35” Varian Diffusion Pump for sustained high vacuum processing
  • Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing capability
  • Operating Range: 600°F – 2200°F (Maximum Temperature 2750°F)
  • Maximum Cooling Pressure: 10 Bar (135 psig) with 300HP Gas Blower
  • Maximum loading capacity: 7,000 lbs.

SMI Model HFL-7472-10IQ-VC “High Pressure Vacuum Gas Carburizing Furnace”

  • Rigid Graphite Hot Zone design measuring 48”W X 48”H X 72” Deep
  • 35” Varian Diffusion Pump for sustained high vacuum processing
  • Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing capability
  • Operating Range: 600°F – 2200°F (Maximum Temperature 2750°F)
  • Maximum Cooling Pressure: 10 Bar (135 psig) with 300HP Gas Blower
  • Maximum loading capacity: 15,000 lbs.

SMI Model HFL-7472-2EQ “All Metal Hot Zone with Isolated Gas Quench System”

  • 6-Layer All Moly Hot Zone design measuring 48”W X 48”H X 72” Deep
  • 35” Varian Diffusion Pump with “Isolated” external gas quench system for optimized sustained high vacuum processing of sensitive materials.
  • Operating Range: 600°F – 2400°F (Maximum Temperature 2800°F)
  • Maximum loading capacity: 15,000 lbs.

 SMI Model HCB-120288-2EQ “120”DIA X 288” Long Horizontal Car-Bottom Furnace”

  • Rigid Graphite Hot Zone design measuring 96”W X 96”H X 288” Deep
  • Multiple 35” Varian Diffusion Pumps for sustained high vacuum processing
  • Operating Range: 600°F – 2200°F (Maximum Temperature 2600°F)
  • Maximum loading capacity: 150,000 lbs.

All Solar Manufacturing furnaces are designed for high performance, low maintenance and energy efficient results.  “We are very thankful for the opportunity to grow our facility,” states Derek Dennis, President, Solar Atmospheres of California. “Every SCA employee appreciates the trust and confidence that our customers have placed in our abilities to service their Vacuum Heat Treating, Brazing and Carburizing requirements.  Our focus remains on providing the highest quality product with unsurpassed customer service on-time, every-time in the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  The last 6+ years of providing vacuum processing services in Southern California have proven to be both challenging and rewarding.  We look forward to working with our current customer base along with new customers in solving their heat treat challenges.  SCA understands the importance we play in our customers’ supply chain, especially where delivery and quality are expected.  These new facility expansions well help us meet these expectations.”  For more information about Solar Atmospheres of California, visit us at, or contact Mike Drakeley at 866-559-5994 ext. 1303, or” January 30, 2018   

Monday Morning Briefing

Mike Neuman/Paulo. To this Paulo Press release we can add that Mike started at commercial heat treater Bodycote many years ago before working as Sales engineer for furnace Builder for AFC-Holcroft. He knows his stuff and will do a great job for Paulo. “Paulo is excited to announce two additions to our team. Mike Neumann will join Paulo as the Plant Manager for the Kansas City location. The Kansas City Division serves the Automotive/Heavy Truck, Aerospace, and Railway industries and has a diverse offering of equipment including continuous belt, integral quench, salt baths, and vacuum furnaces. Mike comes to us with 20 years of progressive experience in the heat treating industry in both Sales and Operations functions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Metallurgy, from Texas A&M and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of St. Thomas. Mike will begin on January 29th and will report to Ben Crawford, Vice President Operations. Ben comments, “Mike’s experience effectively driving innovative processing methods will enable us to increase efficiency and strengthen customer service.“ Kathy Neumann will join Paulo as the Director of Corporate Safety based at our Kansas City facility. Kathy has extensive experience managing multi-plant safety programs for commercial heat treatment and traditional manufacturing companies.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and a Master’s degree in Biochemistry both from Texas A&M.  She also holds numerous OSHA certifications. Kathy will begin work at Paulo on January 29th and will report to Ben Crawford.

In Gibsonburg, Ohio, USA a company by the name of Atlas Industries auctioned off some of their surplus equipment January 23/2018. Amongst the items was a 1998 Electropuls P300/600Z Plasma Nitride Heat Treat Furnace with Automatic Parts Washing Line. Now in our experience Plasma (Ion) Ion Nitriding is not a large part of the North American market however generally when a unit comes on the market it sells pretty quickly so we were puzzled as it why it is still available. As it turns out this unit has not been used in years, needs some work and support is virtually unobtainable. This photo shows the system.

From furnace builder SECO/WARWICK we have this press release; “North American Aircraft Brake Manufacturer Orders Additional Furnace to Meet Expanding Market Demand; Optimum quality is essential for critical carbonizing, graphitizing, CVI, and other intermediate steps in the manufacture of aircraft brakes.  SECO/WARWICK offers the latest technology for aircraft brake manufacturing with a full range of equipment to meet processing and customer material handling requirements. The carbon fiber market is poised for expansion through 2018 in the United States as more applications are being developed for the aerospace, aircraft, automotive and energy markets due the materials high strength and lightweight properties.

“SECO/WARWICK has been supplying equipment for CVI, graphitizing, carbonizing, and other process steps in the manufacture of aircraft brake materials for over 30 years,” commented Jonathan Markley, Managing Director, SECO/WARWICK, USA. “The application demands repeatable results year after year and our customers continue to rely on us to provide them robust equipment which is up to the challenge,” Markley added. SECO/WARWICK has the full range of thermal processing equipment for the manufacture of aircraft braking systems. Due to the continuous investments in the development of new technologies and in quality manufacturing, SECO/WARWICK consistently exceeds aerospace requirements, assuring the longevity and safety of the equipment supplied. Email Gary Armour for more information or visit our website at Thermal Heat Treatment.

Commercial heat treater Thermex in Edmonton, Alberta, undoubtedly the largest heat treater in the province recently ordered a new Endothermic Generator. This photo shows part of the installation process.

Where are they Now, Mark Smith. In the UK Mark started his career with Ipsen Abar UK as Aftermarket Sale Manager back in 2001. After a number of years with the company he moved on to Vacuum & Atmosphere Services in 2012 again as Aftermarket Sales Manager. Most recently (just a couple of months ago) he became Operations Manager. Congratulations to him. And to round things out we have this interview with Mr. Duane Halleck owner of Cooley Wire Products one of the largest fabricated basket suppliers in North America.

Duane Halleck / Cooley Wire Products. Thanks for taking the time to do an interview with me Duane, I really appreciate it.  To get things started;

How did you get your start in the heat treating industry?

“I started out as a lowly salesman for Cooley.”

Can you tell us a little bit about Cooley’s background and how they got started? (Where are they located, how many people work there, what products you offer. . .)

“Cooley was a mom and pop outfit with just a few a few heat treat customers and had approx 5 employees..  We purchased the business in 1986.  We are still in Schiller Park IL,   In 2008 we had 15 employees, in 2009 we had 6.  Now we currently have about 12.  Looking for a few more, anybody?, anybody?”

When I think of Cooley the first thing that jumps to my mind is baskets! Obviously you’re well known for those, but what other products are big sellers for you?  

“Baskets are our bread and butter.  We do have 2 looms that weave wire cloth for end customers as well as wholesalers.  Looking for more wholesalers, anybody?, anybody?”

What are your biggest challenges as a company and how do you overcome them?

“Convincing potential customers that it is okay to try a new basket supplier.  We are very easy to work with.”

A basket’s a basket’s a basket is generally how most people think of a basket.  Is there anything that really differentiates a basket made by different suppliers?

“Well, probably the ID tags.  The ones with Cooley on them provide better stacking support.”

In my opinion basket design hasn’t changed much in the past, do you see any future changes that will revolutionize how we see baskets?

“I don’t see any “revolution” taking place within the immediate future.”

Typically baskets are made out of 330 material, do you get requests often for more exotic materials? What’s the most exotic material someone has asked you to make a basket out of?  

“Everybody is looking for that inexpensive material to handle temps up to 2300F.  The most exotic place we have sent a basket to is probably Puerto Rico or Australia.”

Where do you think Cooley ranks in size for fabricated alloy suppliers?

“We are double the size of any competitor.  Wait a minute, that’s what competition is saying!”

How’s business going for you so far in the 2018? Is it shaping up to be a record year?

“Shut your mouth!  Don’t jinx this!”

What do you think the future holds for Cooley in 5, 10, 20. . . Years?

“We are just going with the flow.  My crystal ball is telling us to stay the course.” January 29, 2018   

East Carolina Metal Treating

Back in April of 2017 we had this press release about East Carolina Metal Treating (ECMT); “East Carolina Metal Treating in Raleigh, NC is making some large investments these days. The company has just ordered two gas nitriding systems from Nitrex which are scheduled to be installed October of this year. Each has working dimensions of 39″ Diameter by 72” Deep. East Carolina is a larger than average privately owned commercial heat treater run by Jamie Ramm which offers most types of heat treating processes. We mentioned the company a few months back when they invested in a brand new batch IQ line.

As an update to this story we now have this photo of the completed installation and no surprise, it looks like a very typical, professionally done installation by Nitrex. January 26, 2018   

Inductoheat, Madison Heights, MI

If you have ever had anything to do with induction heating chances are you have run across Inductoheat which is part of the Inductotherm Group, a group which includes over 40 companies with 38 manufacturing facilities in 19 countries. The group includes names such as Inductotherm, Inductoheat, Thermatool, Radyne and Consarc with the entire group being privately held which is rather unusual. Last week we visited Inductoheat in Madison Heights, Michigan for a very interesting tour of what proved to be a top notch manufacturing facility which included a large R & D lab with over a dozen operating induction systems, a very impressive metallurgical lab, machine assembly and induction coil manufacturing and repair including 7 CNC centers. It is worth noting that while our interest in Induction largely starts and stops with heat treating Inductoheat offers equipment for heat treating, forging, shrink fitting, pipe full body and end heating and other applications using low, medium and high frequencies. We are hoping to be able to offer you an interview with the CEO of the company Mr. Gary Doyon in the near future but for now we will leave you with these photos. January 25, 2018   

Doug Brown, President & COO Inductoheat, Gord Montgomery

Gord Montgomery, Dr. Valery Rudnev, Group Director Science & Technology, Tim Boussie, Technology Manager

Bodycote confirms European expansion in hot isostatic pressing

Bodycote, the world’s largest provider of heat treatment and specialist thermal processing services, is pleased to announce that its Sint Niklaas, Belgium, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) location will take delivery of a new “Mega-HIP” unit which will be operational by the end of 2018. The new high pressure, high temperature Mega-HIP is Nadcap capable to meet the growing demand of the European aerospace market over the next five years and beyond. This investment will significantly increase Bodycote’s Nadcap HIP capacity globally, in addition to the substantial increase in Nadcap capacity which Bodycote completed in 2017. These recent investments highlight Bodycote’s commitment to expand its global HIP capacity to meet market requirements. Bodycote operates the world’s largest HIP equipment network and continues to invest in recognition of growing demand for HIP technology. Having established HIP expertise over several decades, Bodycote has over 50 HIP vessels of varying sizes in multiple locations. Processing capability can accommodate components which are nominally up to 2m diameter by 3.5 m high; and weighing 0.1kg to over 30,000kg. In addition to standard quality and environmental accreditations, Bodycote’s HIP facilities also hold ASTM and NORSOK accreditations.” January 24, 2018