We start off with an interview with Mr. Ben Crawford, a very well known individual in the North American heat treating industry and the new President of Contour Hardening (Ben Crawford Interview) We would like to add that if you look at our home page https://www.themonty.com/ you will see phase I of our new and improved website.

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Last week ASM hosted their second Heat Treat Conference in Querétaro, Mexico and we have been told it was a success with roughly 200 attendees. The general consensus would appear to be that the show is small but growing and has a very bright future. We have these photos for you; October 1, 2018   

Last week we told you how Jason Orosz was making a move to Nitrex Metal Inc. (if you look for lasts week post you will see why we would consider Jason to be “newsworthy”). It turns out that his title will be Vice President of Heat Treating. At commercial heat treater Paulo we see that Scott Herzing has been promoted which is well deserved in our opinion; “Scott Herzing, a 20 year Paulo veteran, was previously the Manager of Project Engineering.  In that role Scott led dozens of plant expansion efforts, equipment installations and start-ups, and the construction of the greenfield facility in Mexico. He has also been instrumental in developing and implementing our state-of-the-art control systems. Scott will continue to lead the Project Engineering, Automation Engineering, and Fabrication Shop, and will now also lead the Metallurgy Department. Scott commented, “I look forward to leading the Engineering Department to meet Paulo’s strategic goals and to continue to support our plants with world class systems.” Former Vice President of Engineering, Al Baethke, will remain with Paulo and assume a new position as Director of Process Engineering. In this role Al will be able to devote more time to process improvement and continuous improvement efforts across Paulo. Al is a 27 year Paulo veteran and his experience will play a vital role in meeting our strategic goals for continuous improvement.”

Komatsu will be building a brand new captive heat treat as part of a brand new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. There is a lot of verbiage in this press release that you can ignore-the only thing we care about is the mention of an advanced heat treat shop to be built.;“Komatsu Mining. Corp. announced plans Thursday to build a $285 million state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing campus in Milwaukee. Komatsu intends to build a new corporate headquarters and manufacturing and training facilities at the former Solvay Coke site along the Milwaukee riverfront on Greenfield Avenue. The 54-acre site, to be called the South Harbor Campus, is near the location of the company’s original machine shop off South First Street. The planned campus would include about 170,000 square feet of office space, a 20,000-square-foot museum and training building, and 410,000 square feet of manufacturing space, consolidating two of Komatsu’s current Milwaukee-area facilities into a central location. The project is expected to be completed in 2022. Plans call for advanced machine, heat treat and fabrication shops; state-of-the-art technology, research and development, and robotics labs; an office complex and data solutions center; a global training and conference center; and a City of Milwaukee public riverwalk adjacent to the campus. Komatsu is the world’s second-largest builder of mining equipment after Caterpillar.”

Remember back in July there was news of a US Military Helicopter Crashing in South Korea with 5 passengers killed? Turns out the cause was faulty heat treating;  “A team of civilian, government and military experts has tentatively concluded that defects in the rotor mast caused the July crash of a marine chopper that killed five troops, a source said Monday. The team reportedly explained the interim results of its investigation to the families of the victims on Sunday. The military authorities had planned to explain the results to the media on Monday, but delayed the plan to Friday. The MUH-1 Marineon, the Marine variant of the KUH-1 Surion helicopter, crashed shortly after a maintenance checkup at a military airport in the southeastern city of Pohang on July 17. It was seen falling after its rotor blades became separated from the fuselage just seconds after takeoff. Investigators apparently believe that cracks were created in the rotor mast due to a flawed heat treatment process by a subcontractor.” Last week we had a note about a US commercial heat treater who suggested that they were the only commercial shop in the US American Petroleum Institute (API) approved. As it turns out another commercial heat treater in the US popped up to say that they also are API approved. Permian Heat Treaters in Odessa, Texas also has this certification http://www.permianht.com/