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Metallurgical Engineer Looking for a Position

Metallurgical Engineer Looking for a fulltime, part time or contract position in the Heat-Treating industry. Skilled in metallurgical processes with more than 20 years of experience as a Heat-Treating Manager/Metallurgist/Material engineer with strong knowledge of heat treating, forging, and metal castings for manufacturing industries.

-Advanced Knowledge and experience of heat treating processes (gas and plasma nitriding, vacuum heat treating, flame and induction hardening of gears, controlled atmosphere, carburizing and carbo-nitriding, salt baths, precipitation hardening, cryogenic treatments, corrosion protection, etc.).
-Achieved certification for in house heat treating processes of Nuclear Plant products -Manage and train Lab personnel in preparing metallurgical coupons to examine heat treated (carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening and other processes) parts as per AGMA, ASTM or ASM standards.
-Established TUS procedure as per AMS 2759 for temperature survey.

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Sales Position

Seeking employment as a direct hire for sales. Mechanical Engineering degree with 20+ years experience in consultative outside sales roles to all industries utilizing thermal processing equipment. Varying experience with design, sizing, sales, support and commissioning of combustion systems, electrical resistance heating, controls, furnaces, ovens, air heaters, refractories, mineral/aggregate drying/processing equipment, pyrometry, temperature uniformity surveying equipment, polymer & oil quenchants, and furnace alloy fixturing, baskets, grids, radiant tubes & related furnace parts. Please contact me at

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