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Metallurgical Engineer Looking For a Position

Metallurgical Engineer Looking for a fulltime, part time or contract position in the Heat Treating industry. Skilled in metallurgical processes with more than 20 years of experience as a Heat-Treating Manager/Metallurgist/Material engineer with strong knowledge of heat treating, forging, and metal castings for manufacturing industries.

-Advanced Knowledge and experience of heat treating processes (gas and plasma nitriding, vacuum heat treating, flame and induction hardening of gears, controlled atmosphere, carburizing and carbo-nitriding, salt baths, precipitation hardening, cryogenic treatments, corrosion protection, etc.).

-Achieved certification for in house heat treating processes of Nuclear Plant products -Manage and train Lab personnel in preparing metallurgical coupons to examine heat treated (carburizing, nitriding, induction hardening and other processes) parts as per AGMA, ASTM or ASM standards.

-Establish TUS procedure as per AMS 2759 for temperature survey.

Please Email: Dan Jelescu,

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