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Vacuums Furnaces for Sale

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Item # VF329 Abar Ipsen HR46 X 72
Item # VF328 Abar Ipsen Model HS-26 Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF327 Surface Combustion Vacuum Temper Furnace
Item # VF326 Ipsen 924 Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF325 T-M Vacuum Furnace 2 Bar Quenching
Item # VF324 T-M Vacuum Furnace 2 Bar Quenching
Item # VF323 150 Ton Vacuum Hot Press (2 Available)
Item # VF322 Vacuum Sintering Furnace, 2,000 C
Item # VF321 Ipsen Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF320 High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF319 Vacuum Induction Melting System
Item # VF317 Twin High Temperature Vacuum HT Sintering Furnaces
Item # VF316 AVS Vacuum Furnace 24″ x 24″ x 48″
Item # VF315 AVS Vacuum Furnace (Rebuilt)
Item # VF314 Ipsen Bottom Load Furnace 60″ x 96″
Item # VF313 Top Loading Vacuum Furnaces 2100 C
Item # VF312Vacuum Furnace 2400 C
Item # VF311 Vacuum Furnace 6 Bar Quenching
Item # VF307 Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace 48″ x 60″
Item # VF303 Surface Combustion Vacuum Temper Shell

Item # VF301 Vac Aero 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF300 Stokes Microvac Pump
Item # VF299 Sunbeam Vacuum Furnace 36″ x 120″
Item # VF294 Vacuum Annealing Furnace 8″ x 90″
Item # VF289 Ipsen Vacuum Temper 12″ x 16″ x 24″
Item # VF285 20″ Right Angle Poppet Valves (4 available)
Item # VF282 AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace
Item # VF281 Surface Combustion Vacuum Furnace
Item # VF271 Sintering/De-Wax Furnace 1400 C
Item # VF267 Semi-Continuous Titanium Diffusion Bonding Hot Press
Item # VF266 Kinney 75 CFM Vacuum Pump
Item # VF265 Stokes 149H-11 80 CFM Vacuum Pump
Item # VF255 Roots Gas Blower
Item # VF254 MD Blower, 350 CFM
Item # VF243 35″ Diffusion Pump
Item # VF242 35″ Diffusion Pump

Item # VF271

Sintering / De-Waxing Furnace

Sintering / De-Waxing Furnace. Horizontal sintering furnace with wax condenser 1470°C operating temperature. Water cooled 304 stainless steel chamber with mild steel flanges. Graphite hot zone – 24” wide x 18” high x 36” deep, with hearth rails. Graphite retort – 4 to 5 cubic foot work space, shelves, graphite rollers, de-wax tube and -cooling. 5 HP recirculation cooling fan system – cooling flaps in insulation and retort. Wax condenser assembly with hot water circulation system and removable wax receiver pot. Power supply – transformer-type, low voltage secondary, nominal 250 kW. Vacuum pumps – Stokes 212-H, 150 cfm rough pump, Roots 615, 1600 cfm booster. Dynamic partial pressure gas system. Unit can be seen in operation and is available for immediate delivery.

Asking Price: $299,000 USD.